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Introducing Device Information Specs, an app that gives you all the details about your device's hardware and software specifications. Wondering about your device's CPU, GPU, battery health, or screen resolution? With Device Info, you can easily access all this information and more. From system details like Android version and kernel information to hardware specifics such as RAM and storage usage, this app covers it all. It even provides network information like your Wi-Fi specifications and IP address. Need to report a bug? Simply go to the feedback section and send a report via email. Get the most out of your device with Device Information Specs!

Features of Device Information specs:

⭐️ Comprehensive device information: This app provides detailed hardware and software specifications of your device, including CPU, GPU, battery, screen, memory, sensors, and system information.

⭐️ Easy access to essential details: Know important details about your device, such as manufacturer, brand, model, board, Android ID, serial number, radio version, user host, resolution, density, size, display, refresh rate, Android version, version name, bootloader, API level, build ID, build time, Java VM details, OpenGL info, kernel information, root access info, system uptime, RAM details, storage usage, WIFI specifications, battery charging state, capacity, current flow, battery health, power source, voltage, technology, and more.

⭐️ Sensor details: Discover detailed information about all the sensors in your device, along with their features and working principles, including magnetic sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, orientation, rotation vector, and more.

⭐️ CPU and GPU specifications: Get specific details about your device's CPU and GPU, enabling you to understand the processing power and graphics capabilities of your device.

⭐️ Application usage information: Gain insights into your app usage by accessing usage information according to your selected time period. This feature provides the last usage information of the applications installed on your device.

⭐️ Easy feedback and bug report: Easily provide feedback about any issues you encounter through this app by sending a report via email. Additionally, the app has a bug report feature accessible from the application menu.


The Device Information App offers a wealth of information about your device's hardware and software specifications. With easy access to essential details, comprehensive sensor information, and CPU and GPU specifications, this app enables users to better understand their device's capabilities. Additionally, the app provides insights into app usage and allows for easy feedback and bug reporting. Download now to unlock the power of your device!

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File size: 9.83 M Latest Version: 1.4.7

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 296 Package ID: devsground.deviceinformations


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