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With the unprecedented challenges brought by Covid-19, it has become increasingly difficult for state pensioners in Manipur to make their way to the Treasury for photograph updates. Recognizing this issue and striving to provide a long-term solution, NIC Manipur has created "mPension Manipur" exclusively for the Finance Department of the Government of Manipur. This innovative app enables pensioners to effortlessly update their digital photographs from the comfort and safety of their own homes using nothing more than their smartphones. With mPension Manipur, pensioners can now easily navigate the cumbersome process, ensuring their records remain up to date without any inconvenience or risk.

Features of mPension Manipur:

❤️ Convenient photo updation: The app allows state pensioners of Manipur to update their photographs without having to visit the Treasury in person. This feature saves time and effort, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

❤️ Mobile accessibility: "mPension Manipur" can be easily accessed and used on smartphones. Pensioners can conveniently upload and update their photographs from the comfort of their own residences.

❤️ User-friendly interface: The app is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that pensioners of all ages and technical abilities can easily navigate and use its features. It provides a seamless experience for updating photographs.

❤️ Future-proof solution: This app not only addresses the current challenges faced by pensioners during the pandemic but also serves as a long-term solution. It ensures that pensioners can continue to update their photographs efficiently, even after the pandemic is over.

❤️ Time-saving: With this app, pensioners no longer need to allocate time and make travel arrangements to visit the Treasury. The process of updating photographs becomes faster and more convenient, freeing up their time for other important activities.

❤️ Secure and reliable: The app is developed by NIC Manipur for the Finance Department, Government of Manipur, ensuring high-level security and reliability. Pensioners can trust that their personal information and photographs are safe while using the app.

In conclusion, "mPension Manipur" is a user-friendly and convenient app that allows state pensioners of Manipur to update their photographs using their smartphones. It provides a time-saving solution and ensures the security and reliability of personal information. Download now to easily update your pension-related photographs from the comfort of your own home.

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Requirements: Android Language: English

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