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Category: Lifestyle Date:2024-04-19 08:29:47

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Foodora is the ultimate app for all your delivery needs, bringing your neighborhood closer than ever. Whether you're craving wood-fired pizza, a classic juicy burger, or super fresh sushi, foodora has your back. Not only can you order from the best restaurants in town, but you can also get groceries and everyday essentials delivered straight to your door. Imagine forgetting to pick up shopping on your way home and having it magically appear within minutes. With foodora, it's possible. Simply enter your address, choose your favorite restaurant or shop, and place your order. While you wait, you can track your rider in real-time. We pride ourselves on working with the best spots in your area, ensuring that you always get the highest quality and tastiest food. And if you've ordered with us before, we want to hear from you! Share your food thoughts and confessions in our Help Center and we'll be there to chat with you in real-time. So why wait? Take the first bite and download now!

Features of foodora - Food & Groceries:

* Wide variety of options: The app allows users to order from a wide range of restaurants, shops, and foodora market, giving them access to a diverse selection of cuisines and products.

* Fast and convenient delivery: Whether you're craving wood-fired pizza, a classic burger, or fresh sushi, it promises quick and reliable delivery right to your door. It also offers same-day grocery and cleaning supplies delivery, saving you a trip to the store.

* Extensive product selection: In addition to food, the app also offers thousands of other products from various shops. Users can order groceries, drinks, health and pharmaceutical items, and even electronics, all from the comfort of their homes or offices.

* Easy ordering process: Using the app is hassle-free. Simply enter your address, choose your desired restaurant or shop, place an order, and wait for our courier to deliver it to you. You can also track your rider in real-time for added convenience.

* Collaboration with the best spots: The app prides itself on working with the best local restaurants and shops. It ensures that users have access to popular brands as well as their favorite local spots, allowing them to enjoy their preferred meals or products.

* Customer feedback and support: If you've ordered from foodora before, the app encourages you to share your thoughts and experiences. The Help Center section enables real-time communication, allowing you to give feedback or seek assistance whenever needed.


Foodora is the ultimate food and product delivery app in your city. With its wide range of options, fast delivery, extensive product selection, easy ordering process, collaboration with top spots, and customer support, it guarantees a seamless and satisfying user experience. Download now and experience the convenience of having everything you want delivered right to your doorstep.

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File size: 95.64 M Latest Version: 24.1.1

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: hu.viala.newiapp


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  • The application is not translating all menu items to English as previous versions. And, ı can't add restaurants to favorites and provide feedback as previously. Therefore, you are loosing a lot of foreign customers to Wolt. It is your choice..
    2024-04-22 22:29:58
  • Terrible service, almost always my orders are late, getting cancelled after hours of waiting. And I can't even contact anyone normally to check what's happening. App is not user friendly or accurate. Almost a month ago, my order got cancelled by the restaurant, after 2 hours of waiting, and I haven't even got the refund yet
    2024-04-21 22:41:32
  • New update takes the app backwards. Selecting language used to provide menu items in English. It wasn't always perfect but now it only changes the language in the app which defeats the purpose. Location service is bugged now too, as others have said. Quite disappointing
    2024-04-21 20:35:49
  • I kept getting ads for this app, promising two 5 eur discounts on 1st 2 orders so I thought why not try it. I was going to order a single pizza for 8 eur but ofc the discount was only valid for orders over 10 euros, so I added stuff I didnt really need, 14 eur in the end, but I thought the extra stuff would be basically free with the discount so why not. I entered the coupon, made the order and sure enough, was billed 14 euros, no discount whatsoever. Dont get scammed like I did.
    2024-04-21 02:43:39
  • Not sure why it has to be changed, this is straight horrible. Timings are off, you can't follow your order properly on the map. Please change it back to the previous version. That wa perfect, this one sucks..
    2024-04-21 01:28:32
  • Using it for the first time. It was very choppy scrolling experience which might have been resolved with the latest update. I will verify and edit my review accordingly. I don't see any benefit so far over other food delivery services except for slightly lower delivery fee. Add a filter/search within an individual restaurant and this will be 5 stars.
    2024-04-20 01:59:44
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