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Fig is the ultimate app for anyone with dietary restrictions or food allergies. With over 1 million satisfied members, Fig is the only app that supports every dietary restriction and allergy, ensuring that you can easily find food you can eat and avoid any reactions. No matter if you follow a specialized diet like Low FODMAP, Gluten-Free, Vegan, or have allergies like Alpha-Gal or OAS, it empowers you to confidently navigate grocery aisles and restaurants. Simply scan products and discover a wide range of foods that align with your specific dietary needs. Say goodbye to second-guessing and tedious label reading, and say hello to enjoying food again. Join the Movement and download today to reclaim your love for food while saving time and money.

Features of Fig: Food Scanner & Discovery:

- Supports every dietary restriction and allergy: It is the only app that caters to a wide range of dietary restrictions and allergies, making it easier for users to find food they can eat and avoid any adverse reactions.

- Wide range of specialized diets: Whether you follow a Low FODMAP, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Low Histamine, Alpha-Gal, or any of the -800+ other specialized diets, Fig empowers you to navigate grocery aisles and restaurants confidently, reclaiming your love for food.

- Easy scanning feature: Instead of second-guessing or tediously reading labels, the app allows you to simply scan products with its barcode scanner, providing you with instant information about whether the ingredients align with your specific dietary needs.

- Extensive food list: The app provides a comprehensive list of foods that work for your specific diet, available at 100+ grocery stores and restaurants. This ensures that you have a variety of food options to choose from, regardless of your dietary restrictions.

- Profile creation for everyone you care about: With Fig, you can create profiles for yourself as well as your loved ones. This allows you to find food that works for everyone at once, making family meal planning much easier for those with dietary restrictions.

- Shopping list feature: The app allows you to create and save shopping lists, saving you hours at the grocery store. By having a pre-organized list of foods that are compatible with your diet, you can streamline your shopping experience and avoid confusion.


With its support for every dietary restriction, easy scanning feature, extensive food list, profile creation for loved ones, and shopping list feature, Fig empowers users to confidently navigate grocery aisles and restaurants. Save yourself from the hassle of reading labels and wasting money on products you can't eat. Join the Fig Movement and download today to experience the joy of finding food that makes you feel your best.

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File size: 201.29 M Latest Version: 4.51.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: com.fig


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  • So helpful!! I really trust this app. Most of the time if they have a yellow (maybe ok for your allergies) mark, after further research on my own, the food may be OK to eat. I've never seen it the other way around with a green mark and it ends up not being ok. They seem very thorough with their investigation of allergens. They are also adding new products everyday. This is a much faster way of checking products then reading labels and searching for allergen statements on product websites.
    2024-04-22 00:38:58
  • Amazing. I have a super rare allergic reaction to iron, but this app will tell me if something has a high iron content or contains an ingredient that has a type of iron I'm especially sensitive to. It's super fast to scan something and gives you very simple and easy to understand results. I have to spend so much less time and brain power trying to figure out if something is safe to eat. It also feels so much less judgemental than a lot of food apps. It's like a little buddy looking out for me.
    2024-04-21 17:13:18
  • This app is so easy to use honestly. And they are so inclusive! I've made several suggestions to FIG makers via Instagram DMs and they're always so nice and usually add whatever I ask about! You can also make suggestions in-app! The scan option is very smooth and I never have issues with it! 10/10 would recommend to any one who wishes to save time at the store or even at home when it comes to food allergies/intolerances!! FIG is my favorite! They help make shopping stress-free
    2024-04-21 15:19:54
  • The FIG app was a miracle find when starting the Fodmap diet! Along my journey I have also discovered sensitivities/allergies to foods other than Fodmaps and it was so easy to adjust the FIG app to work around those as well. I don't eat many packaged foods with all of my issues so being able to scan the barcode and see items highlighted is way faster than reading the lable.
    2024-04-21 14:03:40
  • Now that I have learned how to use this app a little better than when I first downloaded it, it is a very good tool to have especially for people with allergies! I love it and it has helped me out so much and just the little amount of time that I've had it! You choose your allergies, your sensitivities, and things of that nature and it tries to tell you what ingredients you may react to in that specific product when you scan the barcode and click on a word or ingredient! think you Fig creators!
    2024-04-20 21:49:35
  • I absolutely love this app! Earlier this year it was confirmed that gluten needed to be omitted from my diet. I have other restrictions also so FIG is perfect for me. I input my restrictions, etc. and when I scan items at the grocery store or at home I am alerted if the item is safe or if I need to futher research. Oh! I also use the scan function while shopping online. If an item that I am interested in purchasing has a visible bar code the scanner works when I scan it from my laptop screen!
    2024-04-20 09:41:14
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