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Kika Keyboard - Emoji, Fonts

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Introducing Kika Keyboard - the ultimate chatting companion for your Android phone. This beautiful and convenient replacement keyboard is packed with exciting features to enhance your messaging experience. With a vast library of over 5000 smilies, emojis, and text emoticons, you can express yourself like never before. Choose from a collection of 6000+ free themes to personalize your keyboard and add some flair to every chat. You can even send GIFS and customize keyboard color, sound, and font. With support for over 60 languages and handy features like voice dialing and one-handed use, it is a must-have app for anyone looking to elevate their texting game. Upgrade your keyboard experience today and download Kika Keyboard for Android.

Features of Kika Keyboard - Emoji, Fonts:

⭐️ Wide range of emoticons and emojis: The App offers over 5000 different smilies and an extensive emoji dictionary, allowing users to express themselves with a variety of emotions during their conversations.

⭐️ Diverse selection of themes: With more than 6000 free themes, users can personalize their keyboard and choose designs that suit their style and mood, making their typing experience visually appealing and enjoyable.

⭐️ Abundance of GIF animations: The App provides a large collection of GIF animations for users to send quickly to their friends and contacts through various messaging apps and social networks, adding a touch of fun and entertainment to their conversations.

⭐️ Customization options: Users can customize their keyboard by selecting different colors, sounds, and even fonts, allowing them to create a unique and personalized typing experience that matches their individual preferences.

⭐️ One-handed mode and resize function: The App offers a one-handed mode and the ability to resize the keyboard, making it more convenient and comfortable to use, especially for users with smaller screens or those who prefer typing with just one hand.

⭐️ Multilingual support: With support for over 60 languages, the App includes autocorrection dictionaries and different layouts to ensure accurate typing and seamless communication for users around the world.


With its extensive collection of emoticons, emojis, themes, and GIF animations, Kika Keyboard - Emoji, Fonts offers a fun and expressive way to communicate with friends and loved ones. The customizable features, such as keyboard color, sound, and font, allow you to create a unique typing experience. Additionally, the one-handed mode and resize function make it easier to type on smaller screens. With support for over 60 languages, the App ensures accurate typing for users worldwide. Download now to enhance your typing experience and add a touch of creativity to your conversations.

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File size: 32.21 M Latest Version:

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 96 Package ID: kika.emoji.keyboard.teclados.clavier

Developer: Kika AI Team


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  • I've used this app for keyboards for years, however I've noticed recently that the emoji library is a bit outdated. I often can't find certain emojis that others can use nonchalantly, and it's a bit annoying. It'd be nice if we got an updated emoji selection for emojis from Android 11 and beyond, because the app is beginning to feel more and more dated
    2024-04-21 19:37:38
  • I used the app without much issue for almost 2 years, but now all of a sudden, every couple weeks, the keyboard background I chose dissapears. EDIT: There seems to have been some kind of update... It's even worse now! Now the autocorrect is all messed up, it doesnt make any sense. Like if I type "doesnt" with no apostrophe, it tries to autocorrect to "don't". And just as I was typing just now, "don't" was trying to autocorrect to "confuse". Like what??
    2024-04-20 15:20:01
  • This keyboard ever since some updates it has been glitching, like the keyboard not working and staying frozen
    2024-04-20 04:20:43
  • I only use this app for the clipboard but as of now, I have emojis appear as word suggestions and there is no way to enable/disable it in settings without turning off the emoji option for the keyboard entirely. It's an minor annoyance but now I'm not enjoying it but I cannot use Gboard since they delete copied links after an hour. If there is a way to turn off emoji suggestion in the app, let me know because I looked through the settings and couldn't find a way to disable it.
    2024-04-20 01:43:14
  • I've used this app for years and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately I do miss the emoji finder feature. But everything else is amazing. Not hardly any bugs or glitches for me, lots of fun cool theme customizations but I personally love and have always gone with the Galaxy themes! Not to mention fun fonts! Super fun app and once you get the hang of it, it's a good keyboard app.
    2024-04-19 04:57:28
  • I've used this keyboard for years. I am only recently having an issue. One, when I type I it won't auto capitalize the i, and it won't correct the spelling as well as it use to, even on aggressive correction. Two, When I hold down a key (e.g. a to @ ) it will freeze that key as if it is still being pushed. Also I would love to be able to find keyboard themes easier, like a search box to find key works e.g. Frog or Meme. Lol
    2024-04-19 02:56:35
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