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Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

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Concepts is an innovative app that transforms the early stages of idea development. This vector-based creative space offers a limitless canvas, allowing users to sketch, brainstorm, and design freely. Modify any stroke or element effortlessly, as the app's vector-based system ensures easy editing and scalability. Concepts is designed for the latest pen-enabled devices, offering a smooth and responsive experience. Join creators from major companies like Disney, PlayStation, and Apple who use Concepts to bring extraordinary ideas to life. With a variety of tools and customization options, the app helps you draw with precision and turn ideas into reality.

Features of Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw:

* Flexibility: The app provides a flexible and versatile creative workspace where you can transform your ideas into reality. It allows you to think, plan, and create with ease.

* Ideation Stage: The app reimagines the ideation stage by providing a safe and dynamic workspace to explore your ideas. It offers a platform to organize your thoughts, experiment with designs, and iterate before sharing them with others.

* Vector-based: The app is based on vector graphics, which means that every stroke you make is editable and scalable. This feature allows you to easily make changes to your sketches without having to redraw them.

* Optimized for Pen-enabled Devices: The app is optimized for the latest pen-enabled devices and Chrome OS, ensuring a fast, smooth, and responsive experience. It enhances your drawing capabilities and provides a seamless user experience.

* Extensive Toolset: Concepts offers a wide range of tools including realistic pencils, pens, and brushes that respond to pressure, tilt, and velocity. Additionally, it provides shape guides, measurement tools, and live snap for precise and accurate sketches.

* Export and Sharing Options: You can easily export your sketches, PDFs, and vectors for printing or for quick feedback from friends and clients. The app also allows you to drag and drop images onto the canvas for reference or tracing purposes.


Concepts is an innovative app that empowers users to unleash their creativity and turn their ideas into reality. With its flexible workspace, vector-based editing, optimized performance, extensive toolset, and easy sharing options, it offers a comprehensive solution for artists, designers, and anyone looking to bring their imagination to life. Download the app today and start exploring the endless possibilities of your creativity.

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File size: 427.37 M Latest Version: 2024.04.5

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 212 Package ID: com.tophatch.concepts


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  • great app for art "concepts" no pun intended
    2024-04-22 07:02:56
  • Just want to draw a curved line. Finding an app that does that seems to be impossible.
    2024-04-22 01:35:50
  • I hope this app will last, I want the print is more like autocad, maybe just combine what autocad have and customer need, Just make sure this app update so I can open file from windows
    2024-04-21 18:17:36
  • Your fail why it's so lagging pls fix this I will not fail at you and fix this because I was draw and then it lagging so fix this please??
    2024-04-20 18:54:01
  • I LOVE this app but.. I can't pay for pro. I'm uninstalling because editing and selection are behind a paywall :(
    2024-04-20 12:35:23
  • main tools for brainstorming idea. and perfect tool as a whiteboard on meetings via screen share mode.
    2024-04-20 07:37:32
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