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Tarot of Love, Money & Career

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Discover a whole new perspective on your life and future with the Tarot of Love, Money & Career app. Uncover the mysteries of the most accurate type of fortune-telling, the tarot of Marseille, and be amazed by its revelations. Choose from three tarot themes - love, money, and career - and dive into the detailed meanings of each card. With five different tarot spreads to choose from, you can gain insight into any situation, whether it's a current issue, understanding the past, or planning for the future. Get free psychic readings on love, work, and money, and improve your life today.

Features of Tarot of Love, Money & Career:

❤️ Three Tarot Themes: The app offers three different tarot themes to choose from - love, money, and career. This allows users to focus on specific aspects of their life and get personalized predictions.

❤️ Five Tarot Spreads: Users can select from a range of tarot spreads, ranging from 1 to 5 cards. Each spread provides different insights and perspectives on their situation.

❤️ Detailed Card Meanings: The app provides detailed meanings for each card based on the chosen theme and the position of the drawing. This helps users interpret the cards accurately and understand their significance.

❤️ Multiple Card Spreads: The app offers five types of card spreads, each serving a different purpose. Users can choose a spread that suits their needs, whether it's gaining a new perspective, seeking guidance, understanding the past, analyzing opportunities and threats, or exploring a complex situation.

❤️ Psychic Readings: Users can receive free psychic readings for various areas of their life, including love relationships, work-life balance, career advancements, and financial issues. The app offers insights and guidance to help users overcome challenges and make informed decisions.

❤️ User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and use. Users can intuitively access the different tarot themes, spreads, and card meanings, enhancing their overall experience.


Tarot of Love, Money & Career is an exceptional app that provides free tarot predictions and psychic readings for all aspects of life. With its accurate tarot of Marseille, users can gain a new perspective and make informed decisions about their future. The app offers a variety of themes, spreads, and card meanings, allowing users to customize their readings and explore different situations. Whether it's seeking guidance on specific issues or understanding the influences of the past, this app is a valuable tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Don't miss out on this opportunity - download the app now and discover the secrets that the tarot holds for you!

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  • This is a very good App no add disturbance and is very easy to use. The information given is 70% accurate.
    2024-04-21 17:54:33
  • It's crazy how spot on this is. It always amazes me how our souls are so much influenced by the plants. I recommend this app! 9 out of 10
    2024-04-21 06:56:03
  • Excellent. Shuffle needs to change top card each shuffle. ( or place a " cut the cards button too.) Still 5 ⭐
    2024-04-20 20:20:37
  • This app blew my mind. My 3 were actually spot on with my situations I'm dealing with in my life. Idk what to say. ♡❤️
    2024-04-20 17:28:10
  • I think the app is great. It actually gives u an outlook of how things r or will be going in your life and it's right..
    2024-04-20 14:14:07
  • just when i feel the light getting dimmer these cards remind me that there always watching me and trying to guide me in the most possitive and loving way k believe that 1day ill be able to get it right ..... Edith
    2024-04-20 11:58:41
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