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Stay on top of the ever-changing market with SAN SFE, the ultimate app for pharmaceutical companies. This robust tool empowers businesses to effectively pursue and achieve their objectives, as it assesses the key competencies of their field force for optimal performance. With our SFE, the sales team can easily target, prioritize, and assess physician needs, enabling them to develop tailored solutions that meet those needs. Our analysis transforms the field force into a customer-focused organization, while simple and on-the-go reporting allows them to spend more time promoting the product. Don't lag behind, stay ahead with this app.

Features of SAN SFE:

> Market insight: SAN SFE app provides real-time data and analysis on changing market dynamics, helping pharmaceutical companies stay ahead of the game.

> Business objective achievement: The app offers a robust platform for pharmaceutical companies to efficiently pursue and achieve their business goals.

> Performance assessment: With this app, companies can evaluate and enhance the competencies of their sales team, ensuring better performance.

> Targeted approach: The app enables the sales team to effectively target and prioritize their efforts based on the needs of physicians, leading to more successful sales outcomes.

> Customer-focused organization: By utilizing the app's analysis, the field force transforms into a customer-centric organization, meeting physician needs more effectively.

> Simplified reporting: SAN SFE simplifies reporting processes, allowing the field force to save time on administrative tasks and focus more on promoting the product.

In conclusion, SAN SFE is a powerful app that empowers pharmaceutical companies to navigate the ever-changing market landscape successfully. With its market insights, performance assessments, and targeted approach, the app helps businesses achieve their objectives and become customer-focused organizations. Additionally, the app streamlines reporting, allowing the field force to dedicate more time to promoting the product. Download this app now to stay ahead and drive your pharmaceutical business to new heights.

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File size: 59.21 M Latest Version: 1.38

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 136 Package ID: com.saneforce.sansfe


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