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Introducing the CHARGE NOW app, your ultimate solution for finding and charging your electric vehicle. With the app, you'll never have to worry about running out of battery again. This innovative app provides you with access to a wide range of charging stations, all conveniently located near you or at your desired location. What sets CHARGE NOW apart is its dynamic data feature, ensuring that the suggested charging points are always available and a perfect fit for your vehicle. With easy-to-use filters, you can customize your search based on plug type, indoor/outdoor preference, and even find stations that are free of charge. Plus, the app offers detailed information about each charging point, including any restricted access. The app also allows you to conveniently track all your charging sessions and stations, making it easier than ever to keep an eye on your consumption and costs. To get started, simply authenticate yourself using the integrated QR code scanner or your CHARGE NOW charging card. Don't have an account yet? No worries! You can easily register at chargenow.com. Get ready to embrace the future of electric mobility with CHARGE NOW!

Features of CHARGE NOW:

❤️ Find charging stations easily: The app allows you to quickly locate charging points that are near your current location or at a location of your choice.

❤️ Real-time availability: Thanks to dynamic data, the app ensures that you only find charging stations that are currently available.

❤️ Customized search filters: You can narrow down your search for the perfect charging station by using filters such as plug type, indoor or outdoor, and whether it is free of charge.

❤️ Detailed information: The app provides you with additional details about the charging stations, such as any restrictions on access, so you know what to expect before arriving.

❤️ Convenient authentication: To charge your electric vehicle, you can easily authenticate yourself using the integrated QR code scanner or your CHARGE NOW charging card.

❤️ Usage tracking and cost management: The app allows you to keep track of all your charging sessions and stations, as well as monitor your consumption and costs.

In conclusion, the CHARGE NOW app is a user-friendly and efficient tool for electric vehicle owners. With its easy-to-use features, you can find the perfect charging station wherever and whenever you need it. The app also provides detailed information and allows for convenient authentication, ensuring a seamless charging experience. Additionally, it allows you to track your usage and manage your costs, providing full cost transparency. Register now and download the app from chargenow.com to enhance your electric vehicle charging experience.

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Requirements: Android Language: English

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  • I contacted this company direct, the response to my question "Changing miles to Km" has not had a successful response. On the two occasions I have been told:- It's the cars fault need to change to km in the car (German car). It's the phones fault, need to set to km on the phone. My response 'it's the apps fault'. All the charging and navigation apps I have tried you change from Miles to Km in the app. There is no other place you can set units. If you are based in Europe this is a NO-GO app.
    2024-04-21 21:41:36
  • great app. incredible coverage of the network all over Europe
    2024-04-19 03:11:43
  • plenty around but can't use them without charge card which is annoying
    2024-04-19 01:59:16
  • Somehow
    2024-04-18 16:27:05
  • they advertised from 0.38 CHF, which would be a great price. However, I have not found a charging point with the price. Customer support didn't give me an answer. it is usually about 4x higher than with the charging point provider's app. price way too high with over 2CHF/kWh when Tesla has 0.5CHF/kWh. bad support and way too expensive
    2024-04-18 02:54:20
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