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Introducing ECOVACS HOME, the app that revolutionizes the way you clean with your DEEBOT. With its amazing connected features, this app puts you in control of your DEEBOT anytime and anywhere, taking your cleaning experience to a whole new level. From starting, pausing, or stopping a cleaning session, to setting a regular cleaning schedule, ECOVACS HOME lets you tailor your cleaning needs to fit your lifestyle. You can even receive notifications from your Wi-Fi enabled robot, share DEEBOT with your friends, and access helpful resources like instruction manuals and video tutorials. And with advanced mapping technology, you can take advantage of features like creating no-go zones in your home, customizing cleaning areas, and seeing real-time stats of your cleaning progress. Plus, with integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, controlling DEEBOT has never been easier. Upgrade your cleaning routine with ECOVACS HOME today!

Features of ECOVACS HOME:

> Control your DEEBOT anytime, anywhere: With the ECOVACS HOME app, you can easily start, pause, or stop cleaning your DEEBOT from anywhere, giving you complete control and convenience.

> Set a regular cleaning schedule: Set a cleaning schedule for your DEEBOT to ensure that your home stays clean without any manual effort. The app allows you to customize and automate the cleaning process according to your preferences.

> Personalize your cleaning experience: Adjust the voice report, suction power, and Do-Not-Disturb time of your DEEBOT to match your needs. This allows you to have a tailored cleaning experience that suits your specific requirements.

> Stay informed with notifications: Receive notifications from your Wi-Fi enabled DEEBOT to stay updated with its cleaning progress. This keeps you informed about the status of the cleaning process even when you're not at home.

> Share DEEBOT with friends: The app allows you to share your DEEBOT with your friends through multiple accounts. This means that you can let your friends or family members control and monitor the DEEBOT as well, making cleaning a shared responsibility.

> Access support and updates: Get access to instruction manuals, video tutorials, FAQs, and customer service support through the app. Additionally, receive software and firmware updates to enhance the performance of your DEEBOT.


With the ECOVACS HOME app, you can take your cleaning experience to a new level. Control your DEEBOT anytime, anywhere and enjoy the convenience of setting regular cleaning schedules and personalizing the cleaning process. Stay informed with notifications, share the DEEBOT with your friends, and access support and updates for a seamless cleaning experience. Download the app now to transform the way you clean your home!

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File size: 164.53 M Latest Version: 2.5.4

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: com.eco.global.app



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  • Mapping is terrible, the app doesn't work on multiple devices, Editing, savinf and loading maps is opaque and scary (reverting a map because your current map got corrupted often seems to delete all your maps). Don't buy ecovacs - this app makes their robots a nightmare to use.
    2024-04-21 14:29:43
  • Overall good experience. Few False alarms to replace reservoir immediately taking action. Main weaknesses is the limited number of maps make it difficult to use in house with multiple floor levels The maps are stored in the robot which is understandable. If the same robot can be added to multiple house in an App, then the app can load the different maps to the Robot and extend the functionality indefinitely. It can be combination of operating data in the Robot and cloud which can can switch
    2024-04-21 11:54:15
  • As fabulous as their products are this app is equally disappointing. My bot keeps forgetting the map everytime I clean it. It is close to impossible to divide the areas on the map. Data acquisition times out most of the time have to restart the app.
    2024-04-21 04:44:50
  • The app has serious shortcomings. Most notably it keep loosing the saved maps, forgets names of rooms and locations, does not display live information on 2D maps when running a saved cleaning scenario, doesn't let user save and restore maps from their phone. Overall using this product has been a frustrating experience, especially for the price point. Planing on returning the robot and going with a different company.
    2024-04-19 10:11:39
  • Great vacuum and dock. Garbage app. App is usable, but badly designed to an infuriating level. e.g. 1. App completely locks you out when the Deebot is clearing it's mopping pads. 2. Navigation is a maze. 3. App can't make Deebot use more in depth features such as edge cleaning.
    2024-04-19 08:50:32
  • I had a Roomba previously and between the terribly designed vacuum that picked up hardly anything and their awful app that couldn't map anything right or interact at all with the vacuum, I was about ready to give up on smart robot vacuums. By comparison, my Deebot never fails to get all the loose dog hair floating around and this app accurately mapped my house, allows me track where the vacuum is in the house, and send it to specific rooms. Just a great experience from a great product.
    2024-04-19 05:23:35
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