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Vet Records App is the ultimate solution for veterinarians seeking efficient management of their patients' medical records. This innovative app allows vets to effortlessly organize and store all relevant information, ensuring seamless access during consultations. With its user-friendly interface, Vet Records App supports multiple screens, making it compatible with both phones and tablets. Key features include appointment management, username and password authentication for data security, and the ability to export medical data to Excel sheets, PDFs, and graphs. Additionally, veterinarians can attach medical documents of any type or capture them using the app's camera or video recording feature. With its cutting-edge functionality and commitment to continuous improvement, Vet Records App aims to become the leading veterinary practice management software available.

Features of Vet Records:

⭐️ Supports multiple screens: The App is designed to work seamlessly on different devices such as phones, small and large size tablets.

⭐️ Compatible with Chromebook system: Users can access and use the App on their Chromebook devices without any compatibility issues.

⭐️ Data backup: The App allows users to easily backup their veterinary medical records to prevent any loss of important information.

⭐️ Appointment management: The App includes a feature to manage appointments, helping veterinarians to efficiently schedule and track patient appointments.

⭐️ User authentication: Secure username and password authentication ensures that only authorized individuals can access and manage the medical records.

⭐️ Data export and attachment options: Users can export medical data to Excel sheets, PDFs, and graphs. Additionally, they can attach medical documents of any type, capture images or videos using the camera.


The Vet Records App is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for veterinarians to manage veterinary medical records. With its support for multiple devices and Chromebook system, it offers seamless accessibility. The App's features such as appointment management, data backup, and user authentication ensure efficient and secure record-keeping. The ability to export data and attach various medical documents provides flexibility. Overall, this App is a valuable tool for veterinary clinics and is continuously updated to be one of the top Veterinary Practice Management software options. Click here to download and streamline your veterinary practice management.

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File size: 44.96 M Latest Version: 1.4.1

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 228 Package ID: vireak_bunthan.udaya.com.vet_logistic


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