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TeleTak is not your basic messaging app. It takes the popular Telegram API and enhances it with some amazing features that will revolutionize your messaging experience. With TeleTak, you can take advantage of Hidden Mode, a feature that allows you to hide your conversations for extra privacy. Say goodbye to tedious scrolling through long conversations with Advanced Forward, a feature that lets you easily share messages with multiple contacts. Plus, Contacts Changes and Icon Folders are just a taste of the other incredible features waiting for you. Download this app now and discover a whole new world of messaging possibilities. Don't forget to stay tuned for our regular updates, packed with even more tools and features to enhance your messaging experience. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to reach out to us through email.

Features of TeleTak:

❤️ Enhanced Messaging Experience: The app provides a messaging experience that surpasses the basic features offered by Telegram. With its unique features, this app ensures that you have the best messaging experience possible.

❤️ Hidden Mode: The app offers a hidden mode feature, allowing users to keep their conversations private and secure. This adds an extra layer of protection to your messages, ensuring that they remain only accessible to the intended recipients.

❤️ Advanced Forward: With TeleTak's advanced forward feature, you can easily and conveniently forward messages, files, and media to multiple contacts simultaneously. This saves you time and effort while staying connected with your friends, family, and colleagues.

❤️ Contacts Changes: The app provides an exciting feature that allows you to make quick and convenient changes to your contacts. Update contact information, add new contacts, or delete old ones with ease, ensuring that your contact list is always up to date.

❤️ Icon Folders: The app introduces an innovative feature called icon folders, which enables you to organize your conversations and group chats seamlessly. By creating icon folders, you can easily categorize and manage your conversations, making it effortless to find relevant messages when you need them.

❤️ Regular Updates: The app prioritizes user satisfaction by continuously developing new tools and features. With each update, the app introduces exciting additions to enhance your messaging experience. By downloading TeleTak and staying updated, you can explore the latest improvements and take full advantage of the app's functionalities.


With TeleTak, you can expect an enhanced messaging experience that goes beyond the basic features offered by Telegram. Its hidden mode, advanced forward, contacts changes, and icon folders are just some of the additional features that set TeleTak apart. By staying tuned and downloading the app, you ensure access to regular updates, as the app continuously delivers new tools and features. Explore this app today and revolutionize your messaging experience.

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File size: 149.09 M Latest Version: 1.4.2

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 435 Package ID: tr.turkgram.messenger



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