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Trilok App is revolutionizing the world of astrology in India. With a user-friendly interface, we have created a platform that connects astrologers with believers, bringing ancient wisdom into the modern age. Astrology has always been a guiding force for humanity, and now, with the power of technology, we can tap into its potential like never before. Our services are vast and tailored to your individual journey. From personalized Kundali creation, where we unveil the secrets of your personality and destiny, to precise match-making, ensuring you find your soulmate. We also offer expert astrologer consultations, accurate horoscope predictions, enlightening blogs, and detailed information on festivals. Explore the mystical world of astrology with Trilok App and unlock the hidden mysteries of your life.

Features of Trilok App:

⭐️ Hyper-personalized Kundali Creation: The app offers a feature that allows users to create their personalized Kundali, which is a detailed birth chart based on the position of planets and stars at the time of birth.

⭐️ Match Making: Users can use the app to match horoscopes, helping them find compatible partners or assess the compatibility of existing relationships based on astrological techniques.

⭐️ Astrologer Consultation: The app provides users access to a network of astrologers who are available for consultation. Users can seek guidance, advice, and answers to their queries from experienced astrologers.

⭐️ Horoscope Predictions: Users can receive accurate and detailed horoscope predictions based on the positioning of celestial bodies. These predictions can provide insights into various aspects of their lives, such as career, finances, relationships, and health.

⭐️ Blogs: The app features a collection of informative and engaging astrology-based blogs. Users can explore various topics, gain knowledge about astrology, understand its significance, and stay updated with the latest astrological trends.

⭐️ Festivals: The app offers information about upcoming festivals and their astrological significance. Users can learn about the religious and astrological aspects of festivals, enabling them to celebrate and observe these occasions in a meaningful way.


Trilok App provides a unique opportunity for individuals who believe in astrology to connect with professional astrologers and access a range of astrology-related services. Whether it's creating personalized Kundalis, matching horoscopes, seeking astrologer consultations, or receiving accurate horoscope predictions, the app offers comprehensive solutions. Additionally, the inclusion of informative blogs and festival-related information ensures a holistic astrological experience for users. Download the app now and explore the fascinating world of astrology!

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File size: 81.99 M Latest Version: 1.0.40

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 311 Package ID: com.astrobeans


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  • Nice app..ache Astrologers hai
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  • Best in this segment
    2024-04-19 06:34:52
  • excellent performance
    2024-04-18 10:37:43
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    2024-04-17 20:28:09
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