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Stopwatch X: Sports Lap Timer

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Stopwatch X: Sports Lap Timer is the ultimate stopwatch app for athletes, runners, and racers. With its time-proven accuracy and robust design, it has become the top choice for many users over the past decade. Not only is it incredibly reliable, but it also offers advanced features that are simple and easy to use. The app includes a countdown to start, multiple timers, lap speed calculation, lap time targets with countdown, and adjustable text size. Its large landscape view with huge buttons and numbers makes it user-friendly and perfect for all types of sports timing. Whether you're a professional athlete or just looking to time your cooking, this app is the ideal companion. Upgrade to access even more features and timers.

Features of Stopwatch X: Sports Lap Timer:

> Time-proven accuracy: The app is known for its accuracy in measuring time, making it reliable for runners, racers, and other athletes.

> Advanced features: The app offers advanced features such as countdown to start, multiple timers, lap speed calculation, lap time targets with countdown, and auto-scaling/adjustable text. These features enhance the user experience and provide customization options.

> Easy to use: Despite its advanced features, this app maintains simplicity in its user interface. It has a big and easy-to-use design, with large buttons and numbers for convenient viewing and interaction.

> Comprehensive statistics: The app provides stopwatch statistics, including lap time, split time, speed, and target lap time, all displayed separately in large, clear numbers. These statistics help users track their progress and improve their performance.

> Wide range of measurements: It supports various units of measurement for speed and distance calculations. Users can choose from options such as meters per second, kilometers per hour, minutes per kilometer, and miles per hour.

> Multi-functionality: In addition to being a stopwatch and lap timer for athletes and joggers, this app can also be used for other timing scenarios, such as cooking or as a professional session timer. Its versatility makes it a useful app for various purposes.


Stopwatch X: Sports Lap Timer is a reliable and feature-rich app that offers time-proven accuracy and advanced functionality. Its easy-to-use interface, comprehensive statistics, and support for different measurements make it suitable for athletes, engineers, race coordinators, and motorsport professionals. With its wide range of applications and user-friendly design, this app is a must-have app for anyone in need of precise time measurement. Click here to download the app and take your timing experience to the next level.

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File size: 5.10 M Latest Version: X.7.4

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 342 Package ID: uk.co.dedmondson.timer.classiclite



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