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Category: Lifestyle Date:2024-04-15 11:33:01

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Introducing Muslim Pocket, the ultimate app for Muslims seeking convenience and guidance in their daily practices. With a focus on privacy and accuracy, this app provides a multitude of features to support your Islamic duties. From accurate prayer times and azan notifications tailored to your location, to fasting times during Ramadan and the 99 names of Allah, Muslim Pocket has it all. You can even count your dhikr with the "Tasbih" feature, explore the Holy Quran with audio recitations, translations, and Tajweed, and locate halal restaurants and mosques near you. With a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive Muslim Hijri calendar, Muslim Pocket is your all-in-one solution for a seamless Islamic lifestyle. Available in multiple languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, Español, Français, and русский, this app is an essential companion for Muslims worldwide.

Features of Muslim Pocket - Prayer Times,:

❤️ Accurate Prayer Times: Get precise prayer times based on your current location, ensuring you never miss a prayer.

❤️ Azan Notifications: Receive visual and audio notifications for the calls to prayer, keeping you reminded and connected to your faith.

❤️ Fasting Times: During Ramadan, access the Imsak and Iftar times to help you plan your day and break your fast at the right time.

❤️ Complete Quran: Read the Holy Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations, and audio recitations, allowing you to deepen your understanding of the teachings.

❤️ Tajweed Support: The colored Tajweed feature helps you improve your pronunciation while reading the Quran, enhancing your recitation skills.

❤️ Islamic Resources: Discover a map of halal restaurants and mosques near you, along with a Muslim Hijri calendar to keep track of important holy dates.

In conclusion, this reliable Muslim Pocket - Prayer Times, app offers accurate prayer times, azan notifications, fasting times during Ramadan, a complete Quran with Tajweed support, and valuable resources like a map of halal restaurants and mosques. With its user-friendly features, it ensures privacy and convenience while helping users fulfill their Islamic duties. Click to download now and experience the comprehensive benefits of this app.

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File size: 39.01 M Latest Version: 2.0.9

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 455 Package ID: com.muslim.prayertimes.qibla.app


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  • It's good but there are too many commercials so you can't listen comfortably
    2024-04-19 00:39:37
  • I am a premium subscriber. But why recently there are so many ads??????
    2024-04-17 23:29:54
  • I can't make a purchase, and I am stuck with alllllllllllll of these ads. S24 U here
    2024-04-17 21:58:32
  • Do not use this app. The ads played very loudly when I was trying to open the quran at the mosque, which is very disrespectful.
    2024-04-17 18:07:47
  • Great app. Would help if there was a place you could ask questions or a chat room
    2024-04-17 14:39:36
  • Firstly, I paid service for 4 years. i reactivated after 3 months, and the merchant rejected my transaction. Need reason for rejection
    2024-04-16 18:09:27
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