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"Виктор Цой: Аккорды песен" is a must-have app for guitar enthusiasts and fans of the iconic Soviet rock musician, Victor Tsoi. With this app, you can now easily play Tsoi's famous songs on your guitar, thanks to the included chord diagrams and lyrics. The chords are carefully handcrafted to match the original compositions, and some even come with instructions on how to play the intros. In addition to the chords, the app offers a plethora of bonus content, such as draft lyrics and notes, fascinating stories behind Tsoi's photographs, significant dates and facts about the artist's life, and even a guitar tuning feature for your convenience. You can also discover new songs by using the app's "random text" function, which automatically selects songs and provides the chords and lyrics for you. Immerse yourself in the world of Victor Tsoi and his timeless music with this comprehensive and user-friendly app!

Features of Виктор Цой: Аккорды песен:

- Songbook for guitar with chords: The app provides a comprehensive collection of songs by Viktor Tsoi with accurate chords for guitar. Users can easily learn and play their favorite songs on the guitar.

- Lyrics without internet: Users have access to the lyrics of the songs even without an internet connection. They can sing along and play their favorite songs anywhere, anytime.

- Hand-placed chords: The chords are manually placed, ensuring the accuracy of each chord progression. Users can confidently rely on the app to learn and play songs as the original artists intended.

- Drafts and lyrics: Users can explore the drafts and lyrics of Viktor Tsoi's songs. They can discover the evolution of his compositions and the stories behind each line. Reading the drafts provides a unique and pleasurable experience.

- Photos with descriptions: The app features a collection of photos with descriptions that tell stories about Viktor Tsoi's life. Users can explore memorable places and discover quotes and thoughts left by the artist. The addition of childhood and school photos adds a personal touch to the experience.

- Bio in dates and facts: The app presents a concise biography of Viktor Tsoi in dates and facts. Users can learn interesting information such as the naming of an asteroid after him and the release of a postage stamp in his honor by the Russian Post. This section provides a deeper understanding of the artist's impact and legacy.

In conclusion, this Виктор Цой: Аккорды песен app is a must-have for fans of Viktor Tsoi and guitar enthusiasts. With its extensive collection of songs, accurate chords, offline lyrics, drafts, photos, and fascinating facts, users can delve into the world of this iconic rock musician. Whether learning to play the guitar or simply exploring the life and works of Viktor Tsoi, this app offers an immersive and enjoyable experience. Click now to download and start your musical journey with Viktor Tsoi.

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File size: 12.70 M Latest Version: v2.35

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: st.hromlist.viktortsoi



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