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Embark on a portraiture revolution with 'Head Model Studio', an extraordinary Android app. More than a tool, it's an artistic marvel, elevating your understanding of facial structure. Think of it as a jet pack propelling you into a realm of enhanced creativity. Drawing from master artists' techniques, it offers 25 models, including 2 free ones. Unraveling facial mysteries, it caters to artists of all levels. Its 3D models grant complete control, enabling detailed exploration. With realistic models and HDR-inspired lighting effects, it opens up a world of artistic possibilities. Customization is key, with features like edge outlining and texture modification. Offering quality and affordability, it values user feedback, making it a rewarding experience. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, embrace 'Head Model Studio' for a transformative artistic journey.

Features of Head Model Studio:

- In-depth examination of facial structure: The app provides a comprehensive study of facial anatomy, from basic forms to intricate geometry, giving users the skills to understand faces like never before.

- Impressive array of models: With 25 different models, including 2 free ones, users can explore and learn from a variety of facial forms, learning from master methodologies.

- Immersive 3D models: Users have complete control over the 3D models in the app, allowing them to zoom in, tilt, and rotate for a detailed perspective, making it feel like the model is right in front of them.

- Realistic lighting effects: The app offers a range of lighting effects based on HDR photography, allowing users to study the interplay of light and shadow on the face. They can also create their own custom lighting compositions with multiple spotlights.

- Customizable rendering: Users can tailor their experience with edge outlines for easier understanding or turn it off for a more realistic setting. They can also experiment with texture by modifying shininess, providing a unique rendering experience.

- Accessible and affordable: The app offers several free models for users to try out, with the option to upgrade to premium access for more model choices. There are both lifetime and yearly access options, making it affordable for users.


Whether you're an experienced artist looking to refine your skills or a novice eager to dive into portraiture, Head Model Studio is the ultimate tool for artistic brilliance. With its in-depth examination of facial structure, wide range of models, immersive 3D experience, realistic lighting effects, customizable rendering, and affordability, this app will revolutionize how you understand and create art. Strap in and get ready for a journey that will forever change how you see and capture faces. Click here to download now.

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File size: 22.01 M Latest Version: 1.10.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 161 Package ID: io.castain.headmodel



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