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Category: Photography Date:2024-04-12 13:30:01

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Introducing an innovative photography app that takes your skills to the next level: Photo Toolbox. Designed for professional photographers and advanced amateurs, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to capture the perfect shot. With a range of photo tools at your disposal, including the DOF & Hyper-focal Distance Calculator, Time Lapse Calculator, Exposure Equivalent Calculator, ND Calculator, FOV Calculator, Anti Star Trail Calculator, Sun Calculator, and Photography Checklists, you have everything you need to achieve stunning results. No matter the situation, Photo Toolbox has got you covered. Available in multiple languages, this app is a game-changer for photographers worldwide.

Features of Photo Tools:

- DOF & Hyper-focal Distance Calculator: Helps assess camera settings needed for achieving desired sharpness.

- Time Lapse Calculator: Easily calculates parameters for capturing sequences of still images for creating time lapse videos.

- Exposure Equivalent Calculator: Calculates equivalent exposures based on given exposure settings.

- ND Calculator: Assists in choosing the appropriate exposure time when using ND filters.

- FOV Calculator: Displays the Field of View and Angle of View of your frame.

- Anti Star Trail Calculator: Calculates the exposure time needed to avoid star trails in night sky photos.


This professional photography tool offers a range of features to enhance your photography skills. From calculating depth of field and hyper-focal distance to planning time lapse videos, this app is a must-have for photographers. With support for multiple languages and the convenience of photography checklists, it's never been easier to capture stunning photos. Download now to bring your photography to the next level.

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File size: 5.93 M Latest Version: 5.202311104

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 408 Package ID: com.iioannou.phototools.free


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