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Asana: Work in one place

Category: Productivity Date:2024-04-12 13:27:01

Rating: 4 Tags: Tools

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Asana is the ultimate solution for managing team projects and individual tasks effortlessly. Whether you're at your desk or on the go, this app ensures that you stay focused and keep your team's work on track. With this app, you can easily set up different projects, break down the workload into manageable tasks, and assign clear owners and due dates. Choose your preferred view, be it lists, kanban boards, or calendars, and boost your productivity with the My Tasks feature. Stay connected and collaborate with your teammates through comments, likes, and file attachments. You'll never miss an update, as this app delivers automatic notifications to your Inbox. And that's not all! Customize your task management with personalized fields, track project progress with Portfolios, and visualize timelines with a Gantt chart. With over 100,000 organizations and millions of users worldwide relying on Asana, you too can get organized and stay in control. Download the Asana work management app now and experience the power of managing your work effortlessly.

Features of Asana: Work in one place:

* Accessibility: The app can be accessed on mobile devices or through the web, allowing users to manage their projects and tasks no matter where they are.

* Organizational Tools: Users can set up different projects and bring their team's work together in one shared space. They can break down the workload into manageable tasks and assign them to team members with clear due dates and owners.

* Productivity Boost: The app includes a feature called "My Tasks" which shows all the assigned work in one to-do list, making it easy to prioritize tasks. Users can drag and drop tasks, create custom checklists, or sort tasks by different dimensions to stay organized.

* Collaboration: Users can easily communicate and collaborate with their teammates by liking, commenting, and attaching files directly to tasks. They can also receive automatic updates about projects and tasks that matter to them in their Inbox.

* Additional Features: The app offers various additional features such as Portfolios to track project progress, Custom Fields to capture important information about tasks, and a timeline view for projects to see a Gantt chart with task dependencies.

* Trustworthy and Reliable: Over 100,000 organizations and millions of users worldwide trust this app to stay organized and in control of their work. The app ensures integrity, visibility, and coordination between every team and department with its Work Graph™️.


Download the Asana work management app now to easily manage and organize your team projects and individual tasks. With features like accessibility on mobile devices, organizational tools, productivity boosting features, seamless collaboration, and additional tools like Portfolios and Custom Fields, this app is the trusted choice for organizations and users worldwide. Take control of your work and stay organized with this app.

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File size: 61.25 M Latest Version: 7.89.3

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 149 Package ID: com.asana.app



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  • Only in the stage before my trial period ends but so far I love it. Easy to use on mobile and desktop.
    2024-04-16 09:06:16
  • Asana is a good app but could be so much better in many aspects. Every time I restart the app it forgets the sorting order (not cool! -1⭐). In the "My tasks" view it would be nice to see which project the task belongs to. If obly showing completed tasks you see the first task and then have to scroll through all tasks since then to find a recently finished one because it seems it is loaded from the web instead kept on the device. I appreciate the memory saving but please order them recent to old.
    2024-04-15 22:41:58
  • Great planning tool. I love the desktop & mobile version. Really helps keep me organized.
    2024-04-15 20:20:46
  • Has potential if app wasn't so glitchy. So many things sometimes work/sometimes don't. It's a bit frustrating. At the moment none of my due tasks are showing in the Inbox where they were previously. Boards often don't show at all until restart app. Also not enough flexibility on notification settings. Otherwise this would be fantastic. The premium version is too expensive for average non business user. Free version glitchy as mentioned.
    2024-04-15 17:21:53
  • I am severely disappointed in Asana. I went out for some quotes on Saturday. The mobile app notes or comments are not syncing up with desktop which is stopping collaboration. Also all of my notes that I took are gone. This has been an ongoing issue. Everything else I love but this is hindering my business. I got this app for this specific reason and now it's hurting it. I will gladly change my review once this is fixed. @asana It team, I have already updated, un-installed and installed.No change
    2024-04-14 21:43:47
  • I absolutely love Asana. I've tried many of their competitors' tools, and there is no comparison. I honestly can't do my job without Asana
    2024-04-14 11:23:37
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