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Category: Lifestyle Date:2024-04-11 11:15:01

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Salud Total EPS-S is a user-friendly virtual platform that allows Salud Total EPS-S beneficiaries to easily and quickly access their health services from anywhere. This app offers a complete range of transactional services, allowing users to request medical and dental appointments, consult and download laboratory results, check their affiliation status, and generate certification and notification documents. With Salud Total EPS-S now in your pocket, you can easily access directories to find information on healthcare providers, urgent care centers, pharmacies, and basic and specialized medical services. You can also manage your medical appointments and authorizations, access Salud Directa for specialized consultations, and stay updated on your affiliation status.

Features of Salud Total EPS-S:

* Access to a wide range of services: The app allows users to easily and quickly access various services such as medical and dental appointments, direct healthcare services, laboratory results, and more.

* Convenient and transational: Users can perform transactions directly through the app, making it easy to schedule, cancel, and check their medical and dental appointments.

* Directory of healthcare facilities: The app provides a comprehensive directory of medical networks, emergency centers, pharmacies, and basic care units, allowing users to easily locate the nearest facilities.

* Authorization and certification management: Users can view and manage their medical service authorizations, as well as generate certifications and notifications.

* Membership status tracking: The app allows users to check their membership status, providing them with up-to-date information regarding their insurance coverage.

In conclusion, Salud Total EPS-S is a user-friendly and highly functional app that provides a virtual point of contact for users of Salud Total EPS-S. With its easy accessibility and wide range of services, it allows users to conveniently manage their medical appointments, access important medical information, and stay updated on their insurance coverage. Download the app now to experience the convenience of having Salud Total EPS-S in your pocket.

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File size: 10.57 M Latest Version: 3.2.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 435 Package ID: com.saludtotal.saludtotaleps


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  • A mi me dijo qué actualizacion y no actualiza y la desinstale y no me deja instalarla qué espera qué la verifiquen :(
    2024-04-15 14:45:39
  • Ugly slow and error prone.
    2024-04-15 03:51:14
  • la aplicacion se cierra cada vez que intento agendar una cita
    2024-04-15 02:04:48
  • Mala esa.hp
    2024-04-15 01:09:38
  • Últimamente pasa sin conexión.. Cada vez que intento ingresar sea cual sea la hora me arroja el mismo mensaje. Sin conexión..
    2024-04-13 21:45:16
  • Completa y muy amplia variedad de servicios para afiliados
    2024-04-13 18:18:14
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