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ProCCD - Retro Digital Camera

Category: Photography Date:2024-04-11 09:57:01

Rating: 4.4 Tags: Tools

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ProCCD is the ultimate app for vintage camera enthusiasts and creative content creators. Emulating the nostalgic feel of CCD digital cameras, this app takes you back in time with its classic appearance and unique pixel-style interface. With a wide range of vintage filter effects inspired by CCD cameras, this app is dedicated to providing the most authentic shooting experience possible. Not only can you capture stunning photos and videos, but this app also boasts advanced editing tools and presets to take your content to the next level. From rich colors and lo-fi quality to a disposable camera feel, this app offers a variety of aesthetic options to suit any scene or mood. Whether you're a fan of 90s vibes, Y2k fashion, or simply love the timeless charm of film photography, this app has got you covered. So why wait? Step into the world of ProCCD and record those wonderful moments in true vintage style.

Features of ProCCD - Retro Digital Camera:

❤️ Classic Appearance: The app carefully reproduces the look of CCD digital cameras, giving users a nostalgic shooting experience.

❤️ Vintage Filter Effects: Inspired by CCD cameras, the app offers a range of retro presets that can be applied to photos and videos for a unique and stylish look.

❤️ Rich Colors & Lofi Quality: The Z30 filter provides vibrant colors and a lofi aesthetic, making it suitable for various scenes.

❤️ Disposable Camera Feel: The IXUS95 filter adds a slightly greenish tint to photos taken in low light, reminiscent of disposable cameras.

❤️ Melancholy Film Atmosphere: The U300 filter creates cool, transparent blue-green tones that give photos a melancholic vibe, perfect for scenes like seawater and sky.

❤️ Nostalgic Prequel Vibe: The M532 filter offers low color saturation and a slight fading effect, giving photos a nostalgic prequel vibe, ideal for portraits and outdoor shooting on sunny days.


Step into the world of ProCCD, the chic cam and 90s vibe aesthetic editing app that brings the charm of analog digital cameras right to your smartphone. With its classic appearance and pixel-style interface, this app strives to provide you with the most authentic shooting experience. Import and edit your photos and videos with retro presets and advanced tools, giving them a vintage ee35 film look. Explore the various filters, frames, and collage layouts to unleash your creativity and create d3d stories. Whether you're a disposable camera lover or a polaroid enthusiast, it is the app for you. Download now and capture those wonderful moments with a touch of nostalgia.

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File size: 104.11 M Latest Version: 2.7.2

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 176 Package ID: com.cerdillac.proccd


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  • It’s very cool but, to get the good cameras u have to pay a lot
    2024-04-15 18:24:21
  • I love this camera.I have so many memories with this camera.But if i change my phone then i'll not get my pictures in future.This system should be given in this camera.Please add email or log in system to this camera so that we can get our pictures in other phones by simply logging into this app. Thanks.
    2024-04-15 14:14:06
  • Wonderful app!! Theres a lot of filters and effects! The filters make every photo that you take really good!! Even if you take photos att random things. I really like this app!!
    2024-04-14 19:24:36
  • really great app and has a good vintage vibe to it, but it would be nicer if there were more camera modes avaliable since there are only 8 modes avaliable for free. other than that it is a great app
    2024-04-14 08:12:56
  • Loving so far, starting to consider buying the premium access.
    2024-04-13 12:28:12
  • I'm a free user so I can't rlly give comments on the paid cameras but the ones that are free are super nice!! Live the quality of the pics and the vibes are immaculate aswell
    2024-04-13 09:53:34
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