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Category: Lifestyle Date:2024-04-10 16:54:27

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Experience a healthier lifestyle with 올라케어 - 건강한 일상의 시작! This app offers various health routines to incorporate into your daily life, such as walking 7,000 steps a day, taking a daily supplement, and eating nuts. Additionally, you can nurture your mental well-being through personality tests and expert psychological analysis conducted by All Life Care's counselors. The app provides in-depth insights into your personality and offers professional psychological consultations. If you have health concerns, you can receive free expert advice and anonymous support. In situations where visiting a hospital is difficult, you can opt for remote medical consultations. Earn points through your routines and use them to purchase health items in the All Life Care Mall, where exclusive deals and events are available only to members. Embrace a healthier and happier life with All Life Care!

Features of 올라케어 - 건강한 일상의 시작:

> Healthy Daily Habits: The app provides various health routines such as walking 7,000 steps a day, taking nutritional supplements, and eating nuts, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

> Psychological Care: Users can benefit from personalized psychological tests and professional interpretations by certified counselors to improve mental well-being. The app also offers in-depth psychological counseling and publishes monthly psychological magazines.

> Expert Consultation: If users have health or mental concerns, they can receive free consultations from professionals, guaranteeing anonymity and providing peace of mind.

> Telemedicine: When visiting a hospital is difficult, the app offers remote medical consultations, allowing users to receive tailored treatments conveniently from their location.

> Health Item Store: Users can use accumulated points from their routines to purchase health items. The app also offers special deals and exclusive discounts for members.


올라케어 - 건강한 일상의 시작 offers a wide range of features, including promoting healthy habits, improving mental well-being, consulting with experts, receiving telemedicine services, and accessing a store full of health items. Don't miss out on the opportunity to download and enjoy all the benefits this app has to offer.

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File size: 312.68 M Latest Version: v4.12.1

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 100 Package ID: com.blueant.ollacare


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  • 진료와 배달이 빨라서 아주 좋습니다
    2024-04-15 09:11:25
  • 코로나 치료 관련하여 추가 리뷰 올립니다. 약 복용하다가 뭔가 이상해서 보니 약 봉투에 다른 사람 이름이 써있네요. 어이가 없어서.. 요 며칠 빈혈약 먹고 있었어요. 약 검수 제대로 하시기 바랍니다.
    2024-04-14 15:37:38
  • pdf 파일 다운로드가 안됩니다 권한설정도 없고 엉망진창이네요
    2024-04-13 23:27:08
  • Awesome!!
    2024-04-13 16:26:35
  • 코로나 시대에 맞게 병원 예약 진료 정보 후기 등등 모두 어플을 통해 가능하다니 놀라울 뿐입니다. 정말 애용하고 있습니다~
    2024-04-13 11:52:34
  • 피부 발진이 계속 재발했는데 근무 시간 때문에 못 가고 있었거든요 너무 간편하고 좋아요 신청하고 5분 내에 카톡/선생님 전화 바로 와서 증상 말하고 처방전 받았어요 이따 24시간 약국 가서 약 받으려구요 종종이용할거같습니다!!
    2024-04-12 23:24:03
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