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Safe Surfer: Block Porn & Apps

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Safe Surfer is the ultimate app for protecting your device and ensuring a safe online experience for you and your family. With just a tap of a button, you can enable powerful features that block pornographic and adult websites, eliminate distractions from popular apps and games, and even remotely control and monitor browsing history. The app also offers pin protection, preventing unauthorized access, and a unique screen blackout feature that takes screenshots and temporarily blocks inappropriate content. With zero ads and minimal resource usage, Safe Surfer is the perfect solution for worry-free internet surfing. Download now and enjoy peace of mind.

Features of Safe Surfer:

- Safer Surfing: The app blocks a wide range of pornographic and adult websites, ensuring a safer online experience for you and your family.

- Eliminate Distractions: In addition to blocking explicit websites, the app also allows you to block over 50 popular apps and games, helping you stay focused and productive.

- Remote Control (Pro): With the web dashboard, you can remotely block websites and monitor the browsing history of the device. This feature gives you peace of mind and control over internet usage.

- Mail Alerts (Pro): The app regularly sends blocked sites and screen blackout events to an admin or accountability partner. This feature helps you stay informed and aware of online activities.

- Internet History (Pro): You can view detailed browsing history stats on the device or remotely. This feature allows you to track internet usage and identify any potential concerns.

- Pin Protection: The app has built-in pin lock functionality, ensuring that only authorized individuals can configure protection and settings within the app. This feature adds an extra layer of security and control.


Safe Surfer is a powerful and user-friendly app that provides comprehensive protection and control over internet usage. With features like blocking explicit websites, eliminating distractions, remote control, mail alerts, internet history tracking, and pin protection, Safe Surfer ensures a safer and more responsible online experience for you and your family. Additionally, the app has a minimal impact on device resources and is ad-free. Download Safe Surfer now to enjoy a worry-free internet browsing experience.

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File size: 8.46 M Latest Version: 3.3.2

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 73 Package ID: com.safesurfer

Developer: Safe Surfer


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  • it works great I have incognito disabled through another app. I can't access any porn websites or manga websites that has more mature and adult material. and to add topping on the cake I can block Instagram the app and website. as a Christian when Christ says cut it out whatever makes you stumble I glad this app came into existence. #StayPure
    2024-04-06 18:19:17
  • This app was all good and helps me to stop looking at bad sites cause i also put random pin without looking so i won't stop the app when i'm tempted but my hope went down when you can just actually restart your phone and browse again. Hope this will fix the issue for us wanting to stop addiction.
    2024-04-06 15:01:08
  • It seems to always deactivate on its own stopping the protection and am getting very upset can they please add extra protection that if it is somehow stopped the person who created it can make an activation sensor that can tell when it isn't functioning and it fixes automatically
    2024-04-06 11:34:58
  • I love this app. It has helped me stop stumbling apon inappropriate things. I will change the rating if this gets developed but I am on a Samsung galaxy A5 and I can't download apps now. I have to use my VPN which doesn't always work. Please find a solution to this problem.
    2024-04-05 12:24:39
  • This app actually works.. Lol. It is probably not the best, but it is very helpful. It detects porn quickly and instantly blocks it. Also, i think my Google safesearch filter turns on and activates because of the app. Nice
    2024-04-05 06:51:39
  • It WAS a good app. But ever since the last software update I have to switch it on evertime I restart my phone. Hopefully you guys can fix this soon. Really appreciate the work you do!
    2024-04-05 06:06:25
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