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AscendEX: Buy & Sell Crypto

Category: Finance Date:2024-02-21 13:39:01

Rating: 4.3 Tags: Tools

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Discover the exhilarating world of cryptocurrency with the upgraded AscendEX app! Now, buying, selling, converting, and even earning on your digital assets has never been more convenient. Say goodbye to the constant worry of missing out on market movements, as our app keeps you informed and up to speed at all times. With a sleek redesigned interface and the introduction of a user-friendly dashboard, effortlessly manage your portfolio, access our cutting-edge trading tools, stay updated with the latest assets, and explore exciting DeFi opportunities. Instantly buy, sell, and convert crypto with just a single click, no matter where you are. Get started and ride the crypto wave with AscendEX today!

Features of AscendEX: Buy & Sell Crypto:

> Streamlined interface: The app features a new and improved interface that makes buying, selling, converting, and earning on your crypto easier than ever before. It provides a user-friendly experience that eliminates any confusion or complexity.

> Dashboard for portfolio management: The app introduces a new dashboard that allows you to efficiently manage your crypto portfolio. It helps you keep track of your investments, monitor their performance, and make informed decisions.

> Trading tools: Access a wide range of trading tools within the app. These tools enable you to analyze market trends, set alerts, and execute trades with just a few clicks. Stay updated and never miss a trading opportunity.

> Latest assets updates: Stay informed about the latest assets available in the market. The app provides real-time updates on new cryptocurrencies, ensuring you always have access to the most lucrative investment opportunities.

> Explore DeFi opportunities: Unlock the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi) through the app. It allows you to explore DeFi projects, participate in yield farming, and earn passive income from your crypto assets.

> Convenient one-click transactions: Buy, sell, and convert your crypto with ease no matter where you are. The app offers one-click functionality, allowing you to execute transactions quickly and securely.


AscendEX is a must-have app for anyone interested in the world of cryptocurrency. With its streamlined interface, portfolio management dashboard, and a range of trading tools, it simplifies the crypto trading process. Stay updated on the latest assets, explore DeFi opportunities, and execute transactions effortlessly with just a click. Download AscendEX now and unlock the full potential of your crypto investments.

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More Information

File size: 127.00 M Latest Version: 3.2.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 178 Package ID: com.ascendex.exchange

Developer: AscendEX


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  • Keeps asking for update and there is no update on Google play ....what to do .rubbish app. Every time asking for an update, even after the update it still keeps on asking.very annoying.
    2024-02-26 15:59:12
  • It always asks for the sms code when you login. The sad part is that in 8/10 days IT NEVER SENDS THE CODE. So expect to be locked out of your wallet for a few days a week just because they want to. Awful app 0/10
    2024-02-25 18:04:42
  • You need to include a sms option to recover your account, I'm going to stop using this exchange soon because last time I messaged support to recover my account my emails were ignored for 2 months. I only recovered my account by having to repair my old phone... The margin trading never executes or sells on time and has lost me thousands of dollars, this app use to be good has gone down hill, moving all my crypto today and not using this dodgy exchange anymore.
    2024-02-24 20:56:52
  • I have been using this exchange to bridge MATIC to the Polygon Network, but suddenly they stopped the withdrawal of the MATIC for several days forcing us to trade MATIC/USDT the only MATIC pair, meaning that if you want your money back you have to sale your MATIC not at the fair market value, but a their big spread price, ending lossing 10 cents. For every MATIC. Probably they have liquidity issues or they just kidnapped your MATIC to force trading.
    2024-02-24 05:30:22
  • This is really fake app the events in the app are totally fake they didn't give any reward for completing the tasks .don't use this app it's trading charges is very high and you can see always fake events a running don't invest for completing tasks they don't give any rewards . Totaly fake events
    2024-02-23 21:57:13
  • Can you fix this damn upgrade warning? Is frustrating and when people become frustrated they leave. Update from a.d. 2351 version 2.5.5, nothing changed
    2024-02-23 15:11:26
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