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Category: Tools Date:2024-02-21 13:27:01

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The Zonneplan | Energie app is your ultimate tool to take control of your energy consumption and costs. With the app, you can optimize your energy usage, thanks to features like dynamic electricity prices per hour and live insight into consumption and feed-in. Planning your charging sessions for electric vehicles becomes more convenient with the app's charging pole features, which allow you to choose the cheapest hours and monitor the charging capacity. Additionally, you can track the generation of solar power and analyze historical data. Help us improve the app by leaving a review and be a part of our commitment to making electricity smart, clean, and affordable.

Features of Zonneplan | Energie:

❤️ Dynamic electricity prices per hour: The app provides real-time updates on electricity prices, allowing users to optimize their energy consumption based on the most affordable hours.

❤️ Live insight into consumption and feed-in: Users can track their energy consumption and the amount of energy they feed back into the grid in real-time, promoting awareness and efficient energy usage.

❤️ Insight into price ceiling values: The app offers information on projected energy price ceiling values for ❤️ enabling users to plan their energy usage efficiently.

❤️ Price alerts for negative prices: Users can set up price alerts to receive notifications when electricity prices drop below zero, allowing them to take advantage of free or heavily discounted energy.

❤️ Analysis of historical consumption: The app provides detailed analysis of users' past energy consumption, helping them identify patterns and make informed decisions to reduce energy waste.

❤️ Analysis of average energy price: Users can access data on average energy prices, enabling them to compare and evaluate their energy costs effectively.


Take control of your energy consumption and lower your bills with the Zonneplan app. With features like dynamic electricity prices, real-time insights, and analysis of historical consumption, this app empowers you to make smarter and more cost-effective energy choices. Additionally, the app offers price alerts and information on future price ceiling values to help you save even more. Download the app now and start harnessing the benefits of smart, clean, and affordable electricity from the comfort of your home.

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File size: 54.00 M Latest Version: 4.11.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 168 Package ID: com.zonneplanapp

Developer: Zonneplan B.V

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  • The best app, the best service and the lowest prices. No complains at all.
    2024-02-26 02:38:48
  • Correctie op voorgaande review, app heeft wel degelijk een vergelijk functie per maand en jaar
    2024-02-25 06:20:36
  • Prima app, al ontbreekt het inzicht per maand en per jaar. Ook een vergelijk met vorig jaar zou handig zijn.
    2024-02-24 21:04:13
  • English bitte
    2024-02-23 23:36:04
  • Prima app, ik mis wel een 4*1 widget waarmee je de actuele prijs grafiek op je home screen kunt zetten. A la de lokale neerslag grafiek van buienradar.
    2024-02-23 17:42:43
  • Sinds jan 2023 soepel vergestapt en met deze geweldige app èn de direct-verbruiksmeter tof om je verbruik te snappen en af te stemmen op goedkope periodes. 2 mooie verbruiksschermen (elekta en gas) met live, dag, maand en jaarverbuik (kWh en m2). Een extra verbruiksscherm met elektra en gas samen met de kosten (€) over tijd èn de lokale buitentemp zou helemaal top zijn, bijv voor het tunen van hybride-verwarming. Top!
    2024-02-23 09:00:43
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