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Category: Finance Date:2024-02-20 11:36:01

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Introducing A Money Mobile Application, the ultimate buddy for managing your finances. Whether you're an A Money cash card member or looking to become one, this app has got you covered. With just a few taps, you can check your card balance, total amount to be paid, and take advantage of various promotions. Need a loan? No problem! Apply for an A Money cash card through the app and get the results within 30 minutes. Plus, enjoy features like withdrawing money, making payments through barcode or QR code, increasing credit limits, and much more. Stay in control of your finances with A Money Mobile Application - your one-stop financial companion.

Features of A money:

- Apply for A money cash card: Users can easily apply for an A money cash card through the mobile application. They simply need to confirm their NDID identity and submit a request for approval. The results of the loan application can be known within 30 minutes.

- Convenient card management: Users can check the remaining balance, payment amount, payment due date, and card limit of their A money cash card. This makes managing finances easier and more efficient.

- Withdraw money and make payments: The App provides multiple channels for withdrawing money, including bank channels, Prompt pay, and counter service. Users can also make payments conveniently through Barcode or QR Code.

- Additional services and privileges: Users have access to a range of additional services such as increasing the credit limit, activating the A money card, freezing the card, issuing a new card, changing personal information, applying for e-Statement/e-NCB, applying for Direct Debit, and more. They can also stay updated with news and promotions related to A money.

- Self-credit evaluation and loan calculator: Users can evaluate their own credit and check basic information to determine if they are eligible for a loan. The App also provides a loan calculator to help users calculate their monthly installment payments.

- Customer support and FAQ: Users can easily contact customer service through channels like E-Mail, Website, Facebook, and Chat. The App also provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to address common queries and concerns.


Experience the convenience of managing your finances with the A money Mobile Application. Apply for a cash card, manage your card and payments, access additional services and privileges, evaluate your credit, and stay informed with the latest news and promotions. With user-friendly features and responsive customer support, A money Mobile Application is your go-to companion for easy and efficient financial services. Download now to simplify your financial life.

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More Information

File size: 56.00 M Latest Version: 1.5.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 196 Package ID: th.in.amoney

Developer: AIRA & AIFUL Public Company Limited


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