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Klover - Instant Cash Advance

Category: Finance Date:2024-02-20 11:36:01

Rating: 4.2 Tags: Tools

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Are you counting down the days until payday? Look no further Klover - Instant Cash Advance, because Klover is here to save the day! With our instant cash advance app, you can get up to $200, even if your payday is weeks away. No more late fees, credit checks, or interest charges from those pesky banks. Seriously, it's zero-zero. But wait, there's more! This app isn't just about giving you cash advances, we're your budget bestie. Earn points for taking surveys and watching ads, redeem them for a bigger advance or enter our daily sweepstakes to win up to $100. Plus, our innovative budgeting tools will have you budgeting like a boss. And the best part? No credit checks, no late fees, and no interest charges. It's like borrowing from the future without the hassle. We're not your typical financial institution – our mission is to see you financially free. No high fees here, just a swiss army knife of money tools and immediate cash advances leveraging your data. Don't worry, your data is safe with us – it's anonymized and securely stored. So say goodbye to all those traditional financial institutions and hello to Klover. Connect with us today and experience financial freedom like never before.

Features of Klover - Instant Cash Advance:

> Instant Cash Advance: Get a cash advance of up to $> even if your payday is weeks away. No late fees, credit checks, or interest charges.

> Earn Points: Take surveys and watch ads to earn points. Cash out your points for a bigger advance or enter daily sweepstakes to win money.

> Budgeting Tools: Level up your money game with innovative budgeting tools. Set spend goals, track your credit score, and earn extra points when you reach savings targets.

> Borrow from Yourself: Forget about high fees from banks or friends. Borrow from yourself through the app, without credit checks, late fees, or interest charges.

> Data Privacy: Your data is safe with us. It's always anonymized and securely stored using military-grade encryption. Opt-in to unlock all app perks without any credit checks, late fees, or interest charges.

> Transparent and Fee-Free: We're not your typical financial institution. Our goal is to see you financially free, so we never charge annoyingly high fees. Access a variety of money tools and services to save you time and money.


Take control of your finances with Klover, the app that offers instant cash advances, budgeting tools, and exciting rewards. No more waiting for payday or dealing with high fees. With the app, you can borrow up to $200 without any credit checks or interest charges. Earn points by taking surveys and watching ads, and cash them out for a bigger advance or a chance to win daily cash prizes. Level up your money game with innovative budgeting tools and track your credit score. Your data is safe with us, stored securely with military-grade encryption. Join over 2 million people who have made Klover their financial bestie. Download now and unlock a world of financial freedom.

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File size: 167.00 M Latest Version: 4.1.38

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 438 Package ID: com.klovercredit.android_app

Developer: Klover Holdings

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  • At first I was leary ...I used other cash advance apps which charged a $5 instant cash fee, on top of a interest fee which would run about $3.95 per advance and on top of that would ask for a tip of anywhere from $2.50 to $7.50 per transaction.crazy..but this app's fees are nominal and don't make me feel like a visited a loan shark ...thank you Klover
    2024-02-24 22:09:56
  • it is frustrating for sure. get approved for a certain amount but to get that said amount you have to either download apps or watch ads to earn points that add up to what ever the points needed for the amount they said you were approved for. as soon as I pay back I'm deleting this app
    2024-02-24 09:22:03
  • Terrible experience. Klover is just a Indian giving app. Thay approved me for a $100 cash advance and then after I accepted the advance and signed the contract thay wouldn't deposit the money. And I used 200 points to have that advance brought up to $110 and thay still wouldn't deposit the money that they said I was approved for. And thay didn't give me back my 200 points. And costumer service never responds back. Klover is a SCAM!!!!
    2024-02-23 09:51:16
  • I was actually thinking this would turn out a scam like so many others but it's definitely NOT a scam!!!!! It may be unconventional, as far as payday advance/payday loan apps go, but I'm impressed!!! I've already received 2 (TWO) loans, the first for only $10 and the second one for $30. Both were instant deposits, and instant they were, Super fast!! Lol The automatic payments are fast and make it super easy to pay back the loans on payday!!!! Definitely recommending this to everyone I know!!!
    2024-02-22 13:28:17
  • A $20 advance after over 1100 points I'd a joke. Advances based on points and not income is not the route for me. The option to cancel membership wasn't even available until I had already paid for the access for 3 months I would like a full refund. I have just canceled my membership. Update 11/19 and this company is still trying to extract a membership fee for am account that was closed.
    2024-02-22 02:26:15
  • I love this app! No complaints! Easy to navigate, easy to understand, plenty of ways to earn points, which are needed for the advance, and can be used to increase the advance! Points earned for just checking in on the app daily. Once you check in the fourth day, it's 20 points, and if you keep checking in everyday after that 20 pts. you keep getting a 20 points streak!!! This is the 1st easy advance app that I have used! Any issues? Customer service emails back in a timely manner!
    2024-02-21 14:23:14
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