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Copper - Kids & Teen Banking

Category: Finance Date:2024-02-20 11:36:01

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Introducing Copper, the ultimate banking app for kids and teens to learn and grow their financial skills while parents keep a watchful eye. With Copper, children gain real-world experience as they bank, save, and invest their money in a safe and educational environment. Kids and teens can enjoy the benefits of having a bank in their pocket, getting a cool Copper debit card, shopping online or in-store, and even earning money by referring friends. Parents can send money instantly, automate allowances, monitor spending, and rest assured knowing that their child is learning essential money skills. With Copper + Invest, families can take their financial journey to the next level with savings rewards and a tailored investment portfolio. Say goodbye to ATM runs and hello to financial literacy and empowerment with Copper.

Features of Copper - Kids & Teen Banking:

- Teaching financial skills: Copper is a unique banking app that focuses on teaching kids and teens about money. It provides a safe learning environment where they can gain real-world experience in banking, saving, and investing.

- Real-time monitoring and alerts for parents: Parents have full visibility over their child's financial activities, thanks to real-time monitoring and alerts. This allows them to stay updated and involved in their child's financial journey.

- Shiny new Copper debit card: Kids and teens get their own personalized Copper debit card, giving them the independence and convenience of using their own money for in-store and online shopping, as well as Apple Pay.

- Instant money transfers: With this app, parents can instantly send money to their kids through the app. This eliminates the need for physical cash and ensures that kids have access to funds when they need it.

- Savings goals and smart investing: The app helps kids set savings goals and provides guidance on how to reach them. It also teaches smart investing habits with a portfolio tailored specifically for kids, allowing them to start building their investment knowledge from an early age.

- Built-in financial literacy and safety features: The app is backed by financial literacy experts, ensuring that kids receive the necessary education on money management. The app also includes embedded safety features to protect the privacy and security of its users.


Copper is not just a banking app, but an educational tool that empowers kids and teens to develop essential financial skills. With features like real-time monitoring, instant money transfers, and personalized debit cards, it offers convenience and peace of mind for both kids and parents. By providing a safe learning environment and teaching smart investing habits, this app sets young individuals up for future financial success. Click the download button now to give your child the advantage of financial literacy and independence with Copper.

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File size: 195.00 M Latest Version: 4.19.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 406 Package ID: com.getcopper.copper

Developer: Copper App

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