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Introducing Bundle Card: The Quick and Easy Visa Prepaid Card AppBundle Card is a convenient and hassle-free app that allows you to issue a virtual Visa prepaid card in just 1 minute. Whether you need to make online payments or subscriptions, this prepaid card has got you covered. Compatible with Google Pay™️, you can now enjoy the convenience of Visa touch payments at various shops. Using Bundle Card is simple - just charge the desired amount onto the card and start shopping. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred method of topping up, whether it's at a convenience store, online bank, or through Docomo payment. With the ability to check your usage history and balance instantly, you can keep track of your spending and detect any suspicious activity. Best of all, card issuance is completely free, without any annual fees or usage charges. So for those who need quick access to funds, want to shop online efficiently, or are looking for a secure alternative to credit cards, Bundle Card is the perfect solution. It's time to simplify your payments and enjoy the benefits of Bundle Card.

Features of バンドルカード:誰でも発行できるVisaプリカ:

⭐️ Easy and quick card issuance: Anyone can register and receive a virtual Visa prepaid card in just 1 minute, without any screening or age restrictions.

⭐️ Fast online shopping: After downloading the app and registering, users can immediately charge their account and start using the card for online credit card payments. Online shopping can be completed in just 3 minutes.

⭐️ Instant usage history and balance updates: Users receive immediate notifications for every purchase or deposit made with the card. The app details are also updated in real-time, allowing users to keep track of their spending and balance.

⭐️ Free card issuance: Issuing a virtual card is completely free, with no annual membership fees or monthly usage fees.

⭐️ Instant card suspension: Users can easily suspend or resume their card anytime, 24/7 by simply pressing the "pause" button from the app.

⭐️ Various charging options: The app offers multiple ways to charge the card, including cash at convenience stores, credit card payments, Docomo payments, Seven Bank ATMs, and online banking.


The Bundle Card app provides a convenient and hassle-free experience for users who want quick access to a virtual Visa prepaid card. With easy card issuance, fast online shopping, instant usage updates, and free card issuance, this app is ideal for users who need a fast and reliable payment method. It also offers peace of mind with instant card suspension and various charging options. Download the Bundle Card app now and enjoy seamless online shopping and payment experiences.

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File size: 117.00 M Latest Version: 2023.50.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 399 Package ID: jp.kanmu.vandle.android

Developer: Kanmu, Inc.

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