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Branch: No Wait Pay

Category: Finance Date:2024-02-18 10:54:01

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Introducing Branch, the app that puts your money in your hands faster than ever before. With Branch, you can say goodbye to waiting for payday and hello to instant access to your hard-earned cash. Simply download the app and connect it to your company's digital wallet. You'll receive your wages, tips, and reimbursements the moment your company pays you. No more delays or paper checks. Plus, you can even request pay advances from upcoming paychecks if you need a little extra cash. With a physical Branch Card or a virtual debit card, you can save, send, or spend your money with ease. Say goodbye to overdraft fees and ATM charges with the zero-fee banking offered by the App. You can even pay bills, transfer money, and enjoy the convenience of contactless payments through Apple Pay or Google Pay. Ready to take control of your finances and get paid the same day? Sign up in just 90 seconds and start experiencing the benefits of Branch today.

Features of Branch: No Wait Pay:

> Instant access to earned money: Branch provides a digital wallet that allows users to receive their wages, tips, mileage reimbursements, and more instantly.

> Request pay advances: Users can request pay advances from upcoming paychecks, providing them with quick access to funds when needed.

> Physical and virtual debit cards: Users can order a physical Branch Card to start using their funds immediately. Additionally, the app comes with a virtual debit card that can be used with Apple Pay or Google Pay for convenient and secure transactions.

> Save, send, and spend money: Users can keep their money in the Branch Wallet to track their savings, send money to external bank accounts for free, or use the Branch Card to make online purchases, pay for gas and groceries, and withdraw cash from over 55,000 ATMs.

> Get paid faster: Branch pushes money into users' wallets as soon as their company pays them, eliminating the need to wait for bank delays or paper checks.

> Zero-fee banking: The Branch Wallet comes with zero fees, saving users from overdraft charges, ATM fees, and other hidden bank fees.


With Branch, you can easily access and manage your money, getting paid faster and enjoying the benefits of zero-fee banking. The app offers instant access to earned money, the ability to request pay advances, physical and virtual debit cards for convenient transactions, and the freedom to save, send, and spend your money. Say goodbye to waiting for paychecks and dealing with unnecessary fees. Sign up in just 90 seconds and start experiencing the benefits of Branch today.

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File size: 121.00 M Latest Version: 2023.12.3

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 479 Package ID: com.branchmessenger

Developer: Branch Messenger


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  • I used to love this app and have had part of my check direct deposited every two weeks on the nose for a little over a year. All of the sudden I cannot take a quick 25 loan because it says it needs to see consistent deposits. Nothing has changed!!! I have not changed employers my pay has not stopped or paused. Customer service...that's a laugh! Their help button does not let you send a message. I am taking my direct deposit to Dave and deleting this app. Worthless!
    2024-02-21 19:45:40
  • Branch decided with zero notification to change there guidelines and I went from being able to get as much as 325 during the month to 0. I was informed I was no longer eligible for any amount. My bank was no longer eligible. However, if I changed my direct deposit account to their bank. After several months I would be eligible. Attempting to force me to change banks. Causing $230 in late fees! Horrible!
    2024-02-21 17:44:48
  • This app used to be excellent. Apparently, the update they incorporated broke the app. The robot customer support gives you at times random answers to your issues while any issues you have remain unresolved. I've used this app for a very long time with the same connected accounts. The past two weeks, nothing has worked. And if for a brief moment, something happens to go through, it'll break within the next few minutes. Going to pay out next cycle and uninstall if these issues do not resolve.
    2024-02-21 17:08:16
  • Very great overall app. Small total loan amounts, even after building. That would be the only negative thing to say if any. Even with solid income and consistent paybacks. As far as support, great. I was switched to bi weekly checks once when a payment was pending. Within 24 hours after contacting support I was answered. A few days later the issue was resolved and my payback date was delayed until the following payday for no fee and no attempt to withdrawal. No app costs. Strongly recommend
    2024-02-21 10:41:41
  • Not worth it! Never connected with my current bank info. Took days for it to show that my bank account was actually positive. Which you have to have a positive balance to get an advance. And then you only get $25!. But $25 is $25 when you need cash. So i put up with the app and used and paid back my $25 for several months with no big issues. Then out of no where last paycheck it suddenly says my bank is not approved. So now i cant even get the $25. And i cant get my info off their app.
    2024-02-20 01:52:11
  • I like that my bank works with this app, i dont like that i have to pay 3.99 and your asking for a tip. Earnin app gives you your money right away, doesnt charge a fee for getting your money right away, but they dont support my bank. You guys need to do better. Charge 4 bucks and dont ask for a tip. The 4 bucks can help keep you running smoothly. I dont like paying for my money, doesnt make sense.
    2024-02-19 22:20:08
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