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Category: Finance Date:2024-02-18 10:39:01

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Tools

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Discover the power of Scalable Capital: ETF & Stocks, the ultimate app for all your investing needs. With their limited-time offer, you can receive up to €1,000 for your portfolio when you make a deposit at Scalable Wealth. Whether you want to take control and invest yourself with the Scalable Broker or let your money be managed automatically with Scalable Wealth, they have you covered. With features like unlimited trading for only €4.99 per month, setting up portfolio groups and price alerts, and the ability to analyze and optimize your portfolio with Insights, you have all the tools you need to make informed decisions. Plus, with their commission-free purchase of ETFs, a large selection of securities, and full-service wealth management options, you can tailor your investment strategy to your preferences and risk tolerance. Rest assured, your investments are secure with Scalable Capital's regulated securities service and top-notch security measures. Take control of your financial future and download Scalable Capital today!

Features of Scalable Capital: ETF & Stocks:

⭐️ Flexible Investment Options: The Scalable Capital App allows users to choose how they want to invest their money. They can either invest themselves with the Scalable Broker or opt for automated management with Scalable Wealth.

⭐️ Unlimited Trading: Users can enjoy unlimited trading without any restrictions or additional costs. They can trade as much as they want for a fixed monthly fee of only €4.99, making it affordable and convenient.

⭐️ Advanced Portfolio Management: The App provides a range of features to optimize and analyze portfolios. Users can set up multiple portfolio groups, price alerts, and use the Insights feature to make informed investment decisions.

⭐️ Smart Predict Feature: With the Smart Predict feature, users can set limit and stop prices to place better orders. This helps in maximizing profits and minimizing losses.

⭐️ Commission-Free ETFs: The Scalable Capital App offers commission-free purchase of ETFs from renowned providers like iShares, Invesco, and Xtrackers. Users can invest in more than ⭐️400 ETFs from all providers available in Germany.

⭐️ Full-Service Wealth Management: For those who prefer a hands-off approach, Scalable Wealth offers full-service wealth management with low costs starting from 0.75% p.a. Users can start with a savings plan for as little as €20 per month and have access to tailored investment strategies.


Download the Scalable Capital App now and take advantage of its flexible investment options. Whether you prefer to invest yourself or opt for automated management, the App has got you covered. Enjoy unlimited trading, advanced portfolio management tools, and commission-free ETFs. With full-service wealth management options and excellent customer service, Scalable Capital ensures your investments are in safe hands. Click here to download the App and start growing your portfolio today.

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File size: 107.00 M Latest Version: 23.15.2

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 261 Package ID: capital.scalable.droid

Developer: Scalable GmbH

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  • App need many improvements. From the broker/price point of view, its a good platform. But the app needs to be better organised. Instead of showing holdings, watch list, sparplan etc together, they should be having its own tabs. The chart in the app is pretty basic. No technical indicators too.
    2024-02-23 00:10:57
  • Update: Finally worked after the 3rd try. You really need a better identity provider than PostIdent. Previous Review: Useless so far. Onboarding process doesn't complete, even though the PostIdent process is successfully completed. After contacting customer support (after waiting 3 days) they say my identification is rejected and I have to goto post office again (even though PostIdent website says it's successful). But the app doesn't say it's rejected, only that I have still do the identification. After doing PostIdent for a second time, app still shows I have to do the PostIdent. Cannot reach customer support.
    2024-02-22 05:43:39
  • Everything went well so far. The registration process was super fast, I did everything online, in 2 or 3 days I got access to my account. The only thing I don't like is there no much information about the ETFs in both app and website. You need to use external tools to see basic data, like fund size, TER, etc.
    2024-02-22 03:43:51
  • The login is terrible. You need to rethink it. Sometimes, I have to log in every 2 days. the MFA, you could also use a generic one. Overall, a clean app, the search could be better, and it is really hard to find anything unless you look specifically for something you already know.
    2024-02-21 22:28:35
  • Clicking a price reached notification no longer opens the app and I have to do it manually then it would direct there. App needs a notification tab where I can see all my triggered alarms with the timestamp. I wish the portfolio view would have the name of ETFs and others on 2 lines instead of this slowly scrolling ticker. I need to reach/ read the final 3 words quickly as the rest can be identical. Also need to see an icon for acc. ETFs and/or dist. ones to quickly distinguish without reading.
    2024-02-20 05:39:11
  • I feel the app is nice and easy to use. There is an annoying behavior thought that makes UX terrible in portfolio : the name of each stock names scroll from right to left for 10 seconds when you arrive on the page. So I have to wait 10 seconds before seeing the name of my stocks. Could you please disable this text animation in next update ?
    2024-02-20 04:12:59
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