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Category: Finance Date:2024-02-18 10:39:01

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Introducing the Mr. Investment app, the ultimate tool for simplifying your investment journey. With complete market information on securities, entrustments, futures, and options, this app provides everything you need to make informed decisions. The minimalist order interface and easy-to-understand graphical information make investing as simple as life itself. Choose from five different stock selection methods, including bull and bear selection, theme stock selection, and more. Access complete stock information, professional research reports, and even video investment programs, all in one place. The app also offers convenient features like registration-free access, customizable shortcuts, and fast order placement. Take control of your investments with Mr. Investment today.

Features of 投資先生:

⭐️ Comprehensive market information: Get complete information on securities, multiple entrustments, warrants, domestic and foreign futures, and options. Stay updated with real-time quotation trends, technical analysis, legal person trends, securities changes, revenue performance, and after-hours information.

⭐️ Smart stock selection: Choose from five different stock selection methods including bull and bear selection, theme stock selection, indicator stock selection, K-line stock selection, and popular stock selection. Quickly pick good stocks and make investing simple.

⭐️ Advanced stock selection: Customize stock selection conditions and cross-screen your best stocks. Find the perfect stocks based on your preferences and strategies.

⭐️ Expert selection: Benefit from different expert selection methods such as measurement selection, legal person cash flow direction, monthly revenue focus, and weekly selection. Gain insights into market trends and enhance your investment decisions.

⭐️ Image-based information: Visualize stock information with graphical representations such as K-line stock selection, stock barometer, rain chart, and profit and loss pie chart. Easily understand stock patterns, overview of individual stocks, and costs and rewards.

⭐️ Convenient and fast functions: No registration or login required for new users. Customize shortcuts on the homepage for quick access to commonly used functions. Click on stock names in the quotation list for individual stock information and easily place orders. Seamlessly watch investment programs while staying updated on news.


Download the Mr. Investment App now to simplify your investment journey. With comprehensive market information, smart stock selection methods, expert insights, and user-friendly interfaces, this app provides a convenient and efficient platform for managing your investments. Stay informed, make smart decisions, and take control of your financial future.

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File size: 117.00 M Latest Version: 3.6.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 195 Package ID: com.yuanta.android.nexus

Developer: 元大證券股份有限公司


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