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Category: Finance Date:2024-02-18 10:39:01

Rating: 4.1 Tags: Shopping

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Introducing Singtel Dash, the ultimate mobile e-wallet that revolutionizes the way you manage your finances. With just one app, you can pay for your purchases, send money to loved ones, save for the future, invest your wealth, and even protect yourself with insurance coverage. Say goodbye to carrying multiple cards and cash, and enjoy the convenience and security of Dash. Plus, as a Dash user, you'll have access to exclusive deals and offers, including cashback on hotel bookings and essential insurance plans. So why wait? Make Dash your go-to mobile companion and experience a whole new level of financial freedom.

Features of Singtel Dash:

> All-in-One Solution: Singtel Dash is a comprehensive mobile e-wallet app that combines various functionalities including payments, remittances, savings, investments, and insurance.

> Secure and Easy Payments: Whether you're shopping in-store or online, locally or overseas, Dash provides a secure and hassle-free payment option, ensuring your transactions are safe.

> Quick and Safe Transfers: Dash enables fast and secure money transfers both locally and internationally. You can easily send money to your loved ones and friends, and enjoy simple remittance to over 35 countries in 13 currencies.

> Exclusive Offers and Deals: As a Dash user, you get access to exclusive deals and offers. The app regularly updates its offers, which include perks like 1GB mobile data for paying Singtel mobile bills, cashback on Agoda hotel bookings, and exclusive offers on essential insurance plans.

> Wealth Growth Opportunities: Dash allows you to grow your wealth by offering high returns through Dash PET 2 by Etiqa Insurance. This feature comes with free insurance coverage to secure your investments.

> Convenient Top-Ups: Top up prepaid accounts for your loved ones in 9 different countries, and easily recharge your hi! SIM Card. The app provides a variety of top-up channels for your convenience, ensuring you stay connected.

In conclusion, Singtel Dash is the ultimate all-in-one mobile e-wallet app that simplifies your financial transactions. With secure payments, quick money transfers, exclusive offers, wealth growth opportunities, and convenient top-ups, it's the perfect mobile companion for all your financial needs. Experience seamless and worry-free transactions by downloading Singtel Dash today.

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File size: 84.00 M Latest Version: 6.10.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 364 Package ID: com.SingTel.mWallet

Developer: Singtel Idea Factory Pte Ltd


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  • Boarded bus and tried to tap handphone to pay via Dash app. No success after repeated tries. It is very frustrating to be in that situation with people waiting behind me. It is NOT the first time. To me, this app is buggy.....
    2024-02-23 12:31:10
  • Update: dev said call Dash. Called but same answer that entertainer cannot work on android phone. No solution in sight. Say bye to app. - V disappointing. Tried using app as entertainer deals looked good. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, errors when buying voucher. Pointless to have good features that do not work. Gave feedback and asked to use iPhone. Android cannot. Dash is not able to rectify. An app with non existent feature. Users will remove app sadly.
    2024-02-22 00:33:31
  • It was working fine until the latest update, payment via NFC not workable at all. I am using Huawei Mate 20 Pro. I have opened up the app, NFC enabled, but the merchant terminal unable to detect, tried with other merchant, same issue.
    2024-02-21 19:25:17
  • There is a new update which screws up the scanning. Previous version was able to scan bar code easily. This really sucks. Cause a lot of inconvenience to me instead of facilitating my payments. Going to transfer my balance and uninstall this POS.
    2024-02-21 10:54:25
  • been using it for years, but my account suddenly cannot use credit card to top up anymore, already contacted hotline told me there's no way to rectify when credit card is not available anymore for my account, i don't understand why it suddenly changed like this, no choice will uninstall it after i have clear my wallet balance, goodbye Singtel Dash
    2024-02-20 15:28:52
  • Bad!! I hate it everytime limits exceeded... Better if everyone move to grabpay they give a physical card!! Plus no limitation like this!! Verified the account more than 4 times and still not approved.. Ridiculous service.. Just a very bad app especially coming from Singtel. Such a disappointment
    2024-02-20 12:24:23
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