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Introducing Findomestic Banca Mobile App! Wherever you are, you'll have your bank at your fingertips with just a tap on your mobile device. With this app, you can manage all your banking products such as your current account, loan, and credit card. You can perform various operations, discover exclusive offers tailored to you, and even request new products from the bank. Let's delve into the features of home banking! Some things you can do with Findomestic Banca Mobile App include accessing your home banking and authorizing operations using Face ID or Fingerprint. It's fast, secure, and all at your fingertips. Say goodbye to passwords and codes because with this app, you can access your home banking and authorize operations with biometrics. Moreover, you'll receive real-time notifications, allowing you to keep track of your debit card and current account movements, receive updates after every transaction, and get loan offers, all without even accessing your home banking. Additionally, you can conveniently split your Findomestic current account expenses into 3 or 6 months, giving you the flexibility to decide later on. Thanks to the Pago Sereno feature, you have 30 days to choose how to repay your payments made through your current account or debit card. Using this service with this App is as simple as can be. Furthermore, you can easily change or skip a loan installment based on your needs or unforeseen circumstances. This loan service is free and can be managed directly from your home banking. All you need to do is ensure that you have already paid the first 6 installments of the loan and adhere to the specified timing for each request. Another great feature is the ability to modify the repayment method for your expenses made with your credit card. With just a few steps on your mobile device, you can choose between installment payments or end of the month payments. Findomestic Banca Mobile App offers a comprehensive assistance section within your home banking account. Here, you'll find an updated archive of answers to help you quickly resolve any issues related to your current account, loan, or credit card. In case of a lost card, you can also easily block your credit or debit card linked to your current account. You'll also have access to the bank's customer service, find the nearest bank branch or ATM, and much more. To access your home banking and use the App, you must be a Findomestic bank customer and have a loan, current account, credit card, or any other Findomestic product. If you're not already a customer, visit the Findomestic website to explore all the products and services offered by our bank. You can also visit our dedicated page on accessibility to learn about the actions implemented by Findomestic Banca to break down digital barriers, making our websites and apps accessible to a wider audience.

Features of Findomestic Banca Mobile:

- Fast and secure access with biometric authentication: Access your home banking and authorize transactions for your accounts, credit card, and loan using Face ID or Fingerprint. Forget about passwords and codes, as this app ensures quick and safe access.

- Real-time notifications: Stay updated on your debit card and account transactions with real-time notifications. Receive updates after each operation and even receive loan offers without having to log in to your home banking.

- Flexible payments: With Pago Sereno, you can choose to pay your Findomestic account expenses in 3 or 6 monthly installments. It's easy to use this service directly from the app.

- Loan management: Have more control over your Findomestic loan by changing or skipping a loan installment based on your needs or unexpected situations. This feature is free to use and can be accessed through your home banking once you have paid the first 6 loan installments and follow the timing requirements.

- Convenient credit card repayment options: Easily change the repayment method for your credit card purchases and cash withdrawals. Choose between installment payments or end-of-month settlement, all with just a few steps on your mobile device.

- Hassle-free assistance: Findomestic Banca Mobile App provides you with an up-to-date archive of frequently asked questions and solutions regarding current accounts, loans, and credit cards. In case of lost cards, you can quickly block your credit or debit card and contact customer service. You can also find the nearest bank branch or ATM.

To access the home banking and enjoy the Findomestic Banca Mobile App, you need to be a client of Findomestic Bank and have either a loan, current account, credit card, or another Findomestic product. If you're not already a customer, visit the Findomestic website at https://www.findomestic.it/ to discover all the products and services offered by our bank.

For more information on our commitment to accessibility and breaking digital barriers, visit our dedicated page at https://www.findomestic.it/servizi/accessibilita.shtml. This page provides insights into the actions Findomestic Banca takes to make our website and app accessible to a wider audience, as well as information on the tools we use and our accessibility statements.

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File size: 41.00 M Latest Version: 6.0.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 220 Package ID: com.beeweeb.findomestic

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