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Introducing ABA Merchant, the free mPOS solution that revolutionizes the way you accept payments. Whether you're a café owner, a beauty salon manager, or even an independent entrepreneur, this app is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. With ABA Merchant, you can go cashless and accept payments from your customers effortlessly. Simply download the app, activate it with your ABA Bank account, and you're ready to start accepting payments. But the advantages don't stop there. With this app, you can monitor all your transactions in real time, track sales from multiple sales-points and cashiers, and ensure the security of your personal information and transaction data. Say goodbye to the hassles of handling cash and hello to a seamless payment experience with ABA Merchant.

Features of ABA Merchant:

* Accept payments through a universal QR code: The app allows businesses to accept payments from customers using various payment methods, such as ABA PAY, Visa QR, and Mastercard QR. Customers can easily scan the QR code and make payments directly from their ABA account or card.

* Cashless payment option: With the app, businesses can go cashless, eliminating the need to worry about change or the spread of viruses or germs through physical currency.

* Real-time transaction monitoring: The app provides real-time monitoring of all transactions, allowing businesses to keep track of their daily sales volume at a glance. It also enables businesses to track sales from multiple sales points and cashiers.

* Report generation: The app offers the ability to generate transaction statistics reports for accounting needs and analysis. This feature helps businesses in managing their finances and making informed decisions.

* Sales-point and cashier management: Businesses can create multiple sales points and assign dedicated cashiers to each point. This feature enables efficient management of sales operations and ensures accountability.

* High-security standards: The app prioritizes security by following industry standards. Personal information is well protected, and transaction data is securely encrypted, ensuring the safety and privacy of both businesses and customers.


The ABA Merchant app offers businesses a convenient and secure solution for accepting payments. With features like accepting payments through a universal QR code, real-time transaction monitoring, and report generation, businesses can efficiently manage their sales operations and analyze their financial performance. The app's cashless payment option eliminates the hassle of dealing with physical currency and promotes a hygienic payment experience. With its high-security standards, businesses can rest assured that their personal information and transaction data are safe. Download the ABA Merchant app now to streamline your payment processes and enhance your business operations.

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File size: 26.00 M Latest Version:

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 246 Package ID: com.ababank.payway

Developer: ABA Bank Ltd. (Cambodia)


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