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Category: Finance Date:2024-02-08 15:12:01

Rating: 4.2 Tags: Business

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Invest and save better with Betterment Invest & Save Money App. This app stands out from the crowd of investing apps because it is a robo advisor that is built with cutting-edge technology, tailor-made to fit your unique investment needs. Whether you're new to investing or an experienced stock market guru, Betterment is designed to optimize your financial journey. Join over 800,000 satisfied users who have entrusted us with over $40 billion. With Betterment, you can start investing with just $10 and there is no minimum balance required. Take control of your financial future and achieve your goals with ease using our user-friendly app. Plus, new customers can earn an impressive 5.50% variable APY on cash deposits*. Betterment also offers expert-built portfolios that can weather any market conditions. You can customize your risk level and choose from a selection of curated portfolios that align with your investment preferences. With Betterment, you can invest with confidence, rain or shine. We offer tools such as automatic rebalancing, reinvestment of dividends, and tax optimization to ensure that you maximize your returns. Our app also provides the convenience of recurring deposits and offers extensive resources and support from our team of financial advisors. At Betterment, we prioritize keeping more of your money in your pocket. Our fees are affordable, starting at just $4 per month. Upgrade to Premium and gain access to unlimited support and advice from our Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, all at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional advisors. Turn your life goals into tangible financial targets with Betterment. Save for that exercise bike or your dream vacation, and go beyond your 401(k) with an IRA. Our projection tools help you create a plan and calculate how to reach your goals. We provide an all-in-one financial dashboard where you can connect your outside accounts, track your net worth, and monitor your investment performance, all in one place. Betterment offers more than just investing. We also provide opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies, manage everyday spending with our Checking feature, and offer retirement planning services with a 401(k) plan for your business. Download Betterment Invest & Save Money App now and take control of your financial future today.

Features of Betterment Invest & Save Money:

⭐️ Robo Advisor Technology: The app utilizes advanced technology to optimize your investment experience, whether you're a novice or an expert in the stock market.

⭐️ Easy to Use: The app offers a user-friendly interface, making it simple to navigate and manage your investment portfolio and savings goals.

⭐️ High APY*: New customers can earn an impressive ⭐️50% variable APY* on cash, which is over 13x** the national average. Plus, you can enjoy additional APY* with qualifying deposits.

⭐️ Expert-Built Portfolios: Customize your risk level with recommendations from professionals and choose from a variety of curated portfolios, including options for innovative tech, socially responsible investing, and more.

⭐️ Automated Tools: The app provides automated features like portfolio rebalancing, dividend reinvestment, and tax-loss harvesting to optimize your investment strategy and limit your tax impact.

⭐️ Comprehensive Financial Dashboard: Access an all-in-one financial dashboard that allows you to connect your accounts, track your net worth, monitor investment performance, and plan for your financial goals.


Boost your investment and savings journey with Betterment. This app stands out among other investing apps by utilizing cutting-edge robo advisor technology to personalize your experience. With a high variable APY* and access to expert-built portfolios, you can confidently weather any market. Betterment offers an easy-to-use interface, automated tools, and a comprehensive financial dashboard to help you make the most of your money. Start with just $10 and no minimum balance. Invest with Betterment and turn your life goals into money goals. Click now to download!

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File size: 67.00 M Latest Version: 8.54.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 423 Package ID: com.betterment

Developer: Betterment

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  • Signed up and they've been "reviewing my information" for almost a week now. Also sent an email about not being able to set up goals because I pick an option, hit continue, and nothing happens and they haven't responded to that either. Tried it on three different devices and nothing. So, probably gonna be using Acorn instead since Betterment has pretty much deaded me.
    2024-02-14 16:17:25
  • The app just got an updated look, which is clean. For basic tasks this app does the trick, the goals are kind of confusing, and adjusting them is easier on the website. If you're curious about investing and don't mind robots doing it for you, Betterment is pretty good, and the fees are manageable.
    2024-02-14 11:28:46
  • I consider a few robo traders and after a lot of research settled on this one. Year later, it has been a great experience. Offers exactly what I want in regards to investments, UI is intuitive, no issues with customer service. Highly recommend for beginners
    2024-02-13 17:54:05
  • I've almost doubled my money using this app and company over the last several years.
    2024-02-13 11:47:09
  • I really like the app overall, it is easy to use. I love the set it and forget it approach. My only gripe is that deposits can take quite a while to become available, opposed to Cash App which makes your funds available immediately. The waiting time has deterred me away from using Betterment checking.
    2024-02-13 11:23:13
  • RUN AWAY FROM THIS APP! If I could give this company negative stars I would! Worst customer support ever. They have frozen my cash accounts with all my money due to a "suspicious" $200 venmo charge. I can't pay my bills including credit cards & mortgage. I have received late fees and this is now impacting my credit. They don't have phone support for that department and I have no idea what's going on or how soon I will have access to my money again. RUN AWAY FROM THIS APP
    2024-02-13 01:31:54
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