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Micro Mechanic is a powerful tool that every car owner needs. This handy app pairs seamlessly with the Micro Mechanic OBDII Scan Tool, allowing you to easily diagnose and understand the issues behind your vehicle's check engine light. No more wasting time and money at the repair shop - with Micro Mechanic, you can quickly identify the problem and even get an estimate of the repair cost. Worried about safety? Micro Mechanic will let you know if it's safe to continue driving or if you need to get your car inspected immediately. Plus, with the added pro features including a live dashboard and performance timer, you'll have all the information you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Don't let car troubles slow you down - download Micro Mechanic today and take control of your car's health.

Features of Micro Mechanic:

* Engine Light Check: The app allows users to scan and diagnose their Check Engine Light with the push of a button. It provides detailed information about why the light is on, including the specific code and description of the issue.

* Repair Cost Estimates: Based on the code obtained during the scan, the app shows the national average price range for the repair. This helps users get an idea of the potential costs involved in fixing the problem.

* Issue Urgency: After scanning, the app informs users whether it is safe to drive their vehicle or not. It also provides an indication of how urgently the car should be inspected, ensuring that users can take appropriate action based on the severity of the issue.

* Check Engine Light Reset: Once users have identified and attempted to repair the problem, they can reset the Check Engine Light directly from the app. This feature allows them to determine if the issue has been successfully resolved.

* Maintenance Schedule: To ensure the smooth functioning of the vehicle, the app recommends maintenance services based on mileage. This helps users stay on top of their vehicle's maintenance needs, improving its overall performance and longevity.

* Pro Features: The recent update of the app introduces live dashboard and performance timer as additional features. These new features provide users with real-time information about their vehicle's performance, enhancing their driving experience.

In conclusion, this app, designed to work with the Micro Mechanic OBDII Scan Tool, offers a range of valuable features that make it a must-have for vehicle owners. By providing easy-to-understand diagnostics, cost estimates, and maintenance recommendations, it empowers users to stay informed about their car's health and make well-informed decisions. Additionally, with the new pro features like live dashboard and performance timer, the app enhances the overall user experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to download this app and take control of your vehicle's well-being.

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File size: 29.50 M Latest Version: 1.1

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 448 Package ID: com.saritasa.micromechanic

Developer: As Seen On TV, Inc.

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