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Discover the ultimate way to learn Kannada on the go with the Learn Kannada SmartApp! This number 1 language teaching app provides a 10-day course for mastering basic spoken Kannada, as well as a flexible learning option to fit your own pace. With video tutorials and grammar theory, you'll gain a deep understanding of the language. Plus, the app's assistant makes finding translations easy and quick, complete with audio message. Improve your pronunciation, keep track of your progress, and start speaking Kannada with confidence. Click now to download and embark on your language-learning journey!

Features of Learn Kannada SmartApp Mod:

❤️ Comprehensive Kannada learning: Learn Kannada SmartApp offers a complete package to learn the Kannada language with a 10-day course for basic spoken Kannada and a flexible course that allows you to learn at your own pace.

❤️ Video tutorials with theory: The app provides video tutorials that cover the grammar of the Kannada language. These tutorials make learning easier and more engaging by explaining the theoretical aspects of the language.

❤️ Instant translation with audio: The app features an assistant that allows you to find translations instantly with just one click. What sets it apart is that it provides audio messages for the translations, aiding in pronunciation and making learning more interactive.

❤️ Pronunciation validation: Learn Kannada SmartApp helps you improve your pronunciation by validating your spoken words. This feature ensures that you are pronouncing the words correctly, enhancing your language skills.

❤️ Word learning tracker: The app helps you keep track of your progress by allowing you to mark words as learned. This feature assists you in maintaining a record of the words you have successfully grasped, making it easier to review and revise.

❤️ On-the-go learning: Whether you are traveling, commuting, or have a few free minutes, Learn Kannada SmartApp makes it convenient for you to learn the language on the go. With its mobile application, you can access your lessons anytime and anywhere, maximizing your language learning opportunities.


Learn Kannada SmartApp is the ultimate choice for individuals who aspire to learn the Kannada language. With its comprehensive courses, video tutorials, instant translation with audio, pronunciation validation, word learning tracker, and on-the-go accessibility, this app ensures an easy and enjoyable learning experience. Download now and embark on your journey to mastering Kannada!

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File size: 14.00 M Latest Version: 4.9.2

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 265 Package ID: app.learnkannada.com.learnkannadakannadakali

Developer: okeregbe


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