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Introducing Glow Nurture, the AI-powered pregnancy tracker, due date calculator, and parenting companion. Whether you're pregnant or planning to be, Glow Nurture is here to guide you every step of the way, offering personalized insights and support during this special journey. Track your pregnancy week by week, understand your body's changes, and see your baby's growth with accurate and customized updates. Never miss a milestone with our AI-powered Due Date Calculator. Get expert advice on pregnancy symptoms, nutrition, exercise, and more. Prepare for your little one with our Baby Registry feature and access extensive resources on baby care, development, and health. Join our vibrant community of parents and expectant mothers, capture and share precious moments with loved ones, and record your baby's feedings, sleep, diaper changes, and growth with our Baby Tracker. Glow Nurture leverages advanced AI to provide personalized advice and predictions, making your pregnancy and early parenting journey more manageable and less stressful. It's not just an app; it's your partner in the journey to and through motherhood. Download Glow Nurture today and step into a world of insightful tracking, AI-powered predictions, and a supportive community. Your journey to motherhood continues here!

Features of this app:

- Pregnancy Tracker: The app allows users to track their pregnancy week by week, understand their body's changes, and see the baby's growth. It provides accurate and customized updates using AI technology.

- Due Date Calculator: The app includes an AI-powered due date calculator that helps users never miss a milestone. By inputting the last menstrual period or conception date, it provides an accurate due date and keeps users updated on their pregnancy's progression.

- Pregnant and Parenting Support: Glow Nurture supports users from the positive pregnancy test through the postpartum period. It offers expert advice on pregnancy symptoms, nutrition, exercise, and more. Users can also access tips and articles on early parenting, making the transition smoother.

- Baby Registry: The app includes a Baby Registry feature to help users create and manage their wishlist for their little one. They can share their registry with family and friends to ensure they have all the essentials when the baby arrives.

- A True Baby Center: Glow Nurture serves as a personal baby center, providing extensive resources on baby care, development, and health. Users can access detailed articles and guides on topics like newborn sleep patterns, breastfeeding, and baby milestones.

- What to Expect: The app offers a comprehensive pregnancy guide that covers everything from first trimester symptoms to labor and delivery. Users can join a vibrant community of parents and expectant mothers to share experiences and advice.


Glow Nurture is a comprehensive and AI-powered pregnancy tracker, due date calculator, and parenting companion. It provides personalized insights and support for users throughout their pregnancy journey. With features like pregnancy tracking, due date calculation, parenting support, baby registry, baby center resources, and a supportive community, the app aims to make the journey to motherhood more manageable and less stressful. It offers users insightful tracking, AI-powered predictions, and access to a community of parents. Download Glow Nurture today and embark on a journey of motherhood with the support of this app.

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File size: 44.48 M Latest Version: 6.11.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 78 Package ID: com.glow.android.nurture

Developer: Glow Inc


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  • It was one of the the best app among the others few years back. Used it for my pregnancy 3 years ago. Now for my second pregnancy downloaded it and all could see is unwanted upgrading ads ,every article i open requires a premium upgrade. Looks like all it cares about is how to make money.its super super annoying. Uninstalling it.
    2023-12-17 09:25:59
  • First issue is you can't give zero stars. Unpleasant experience from the start- Android UX is not very good. Notifications for things that can't be viewed without a subscription. Ultimately the most troubling and frankly upsetting thing about this app is that after we miscarried, it keeps sending reminders through the app and email (so removing the app doesn't help) for the now ended pregnancy. Glow really needs to sort these issues out.
    2023-12-16 20:16:08
  • Was good until the update. Now they only allow only 6 articles per week to read with the free app and try to get you to subscribe. Switched to ovia much better and more information for free. Does not matter that the subscription goes across all their apps because I only use one app at a time...when I am pregnant I have no need for period tracker app etc.
    2023-12-16 12:02:48
  • Love the glow apps!! Use with both of my pregnancies. Started out with glow to find out when I was ovulating so we could conceive our first baby (baby girl) then used it to get pregnant again. I can say it was definitely on point an accurate for me. I am now pregnant with our second baby (baby boy). I am now using the glow nurture app to watch my baby grow an get information every day and new week, so glad I chose glow to help me through the steps of the way!
    2023-12-16 08:26:45
  • I used this app for my first pregnancy, and I thought it was fine. I used it again for my second pregnancy and it's pretty disappointing that all the article are exactly the same. Some of which are incredibly outdated and have inaccurate science or and some which I think would just scare first time pregnant people. Their privacy policy is solid so thats a plus, but otherwise this app was lackluster and really needs a refresh on content. I feel bummed that I paid for premium for a while.
    2023-12-16 01:35:17
  • Paid articles consistently have outdated inaccurate medical information. Even though I paid for the premium version, they still had ads promoting stuff. Hard to navigate, too much clutter. Symptom tracking feature is very glitchy and not useful to see progression of symptoms. You have to individually click on each day to see what you've logged because each day only the first handful of your symptoms. Kick counter is useful, articles showing real 3D ultrasounds of baby in the womb is cool.
    2023-12-14 17:38:11
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