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Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner

Category: Travel Date:2023-12-07 17:24:01

Rating: 4 Tags: Book

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Discover things to do anywhere you go with the ultimate all-in-one app for every traveler. Our advanced trip planner allows you to build detailed day-to-day itineraries, see estimated travel times and walking distances, and collaborate with friends. With worldwide offline maps, you can use the app without an internet connection and download unlimited offline maps. Explore over 50 million places including sights, museums, restaurants, and more, with photos, descriptions, and additional data from professional traveleditors and sources like Wikipedia. Watch exclusive 360-degree videos of top sights and find tours and activities to enhance your trip. Plus, easily find accommodation and book directly from the app. Your trips will automatically sync between all your devices. Don't rely on Google Trips, try Sygic Travel as your go-to trip planning app. Download now!

Features of this app:

- Advanced Trip Planner: The app provides an easy-to-use trip planner that allows users to build a complete day-to-day itinerary for their trip. It includes estimated travel times and walking distances, helping users keep realistic plans. The app also allows users to invite friends to collaborate on their trips.

- Worldwide Offline Maps: By purchasing Sygic Travel Premium, users can use the app without any internet connection. This includes unlimited offline maps download, allowing users to access maps even in remote locations.

- 50 Million Places: The app offers a vast database of over 50 million places, including sights, museums, parks, cafés, restaurants, hotels, beaches, waterfalls, caves, and bird observatories. It caters to various types of travelers, whether they are sightseeing tourists, shoppers, or looking for a romantic weekend getaway.

- Photos, Descriptions, Wikipedia: Popular places in the app come with detailed descriptions, photos, opening hours, admission fees, links, and additional data. These are either written by professional travel editors or sourced from reputable databases like Wikipedia. This feature provides users with comprehensive information about each place.

- 360° videos: The app offers exclusive 360° videos of top sights in various cities. With over 500 professional videos available, users can virtually explore popular destinations from different perspectives. The videos also support Cardboard, providing an immersive experience.

- Maps Designed for Travelers: The app provides detailed maps based on OpenStreetMap.org data, adjusted for walking and exploring destinations. It includes built-in search and GPS-based walking directions, ensuring users can navigate easily. The integration with the Sygic GPS Navigation further enhances the functionality of the maps.


Sygic Travel is an all-in-one app for travelers that offers advanced trip planning features, worldwide offline maps, a vast database of places, comprehensive information and descriptions, immersive 360° videos, and detailed maps designed specifically for travelers. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Sygic Travel provides a convenient and informative platform for users to plan and explore their trips. Click here to download the app now and start discovering things to do anywhere you go.

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File size: 31.00 M Latest Version: 5.17.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 55 Package ID: com.tripomatic

Developer: Sygic.

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  • I always plan well in advance of a trip with this app and have gotten some great suggestions for food/places/tours.
    2023-12-11 18:05:06
  • used for our jp trip planning, great tool, but a bit difficult w japanese language, map is not as good and infomative as google map. should allow user to set a time to reach to specific placs
    2023-12-11 05:32:25
  • I typed in about 15 things I wanted to do and places I wanted to visit in New York City Manhattan. The app only found three items. Same thing on the computer. I heard everybody complain but they were from different countries I figured I would be safe in New York City. I've never asked for a refund before, how do I do that?
    2023-12-10 17:14:52
  • Downloaded, didn't work, sent feedback, told me to update no update available, asked for link to be sent, reply: your device must be old. The device details are sent with the initial email. Waste of time.
    2023-12-09 18:27:57
  • One of the best out there. Intuitive and suits my search and planning style. Could do with nicer logo and cheaper plan.
    2023-12-09 05:15:24
  • You need to upgrade to premium $$$ to have voice navigation and it doesn't even show you the street name or distance to the next turn. Uninstalled
    2023-12-09 02:47:43
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