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Category: News & Magazines Date:2023-12-07 14:03:01

Rating: 4.2 Tags: Navigation

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Introducing the Lezhin Comics app, your go-to destination for the highest quality content in the webtoon industry. With new comics added every day, you'll never run out of exciting titles to read. From exclusive titles from top talent to free episodes across various genres like romance, horror, action, and more, there's something for everyone. With HD quality comics available and the ability to sync your reading lists and purchases between your desktop and mobile app, it's never been easier to enjoy your favorite comics wherever and whenever you want. Explore, read, and manage your library effortlessly with Lezhin Comics. Download now!

Features of this app:

- New Comics Every Day: The app curates high-quality content and provides new comics every day, ensuring a consistent flow of fresh material for users.

- Exclusive Titles: The app offers exclusive titles from top talent in the webtoon industry, catering to a diverse range of readers, including office workers and students.

- Free Episodes: Users can access free content daily, spanning various genres such as romance, horror, action, and more, making it accessible to a wide audience.

- Genres Galore: The app covers a plethora of genres, including BL, GL, gore, mystery, and martial arts, catering to both hardcore comic fans and newcomers.

- Save and Read HD Quality Comics: The app provides HD image quality for all comics, allowing users to collect and read their favorite picks in crisp HD on their smartphones.

- Sync between Desktop PC and Mobile App: The app allows users to seamlessly sync their reading lists and purchases across desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a smooth reading experience wherever they go.


With its daily new releases, exclusive titles from top talent, and a diverse range of genres, this app offers a compelling and dynamic reading experience for comic enthusiasts. The inclusion of free episodes and the option to save and read comics in HD quality further enhance the user experience. Additionally, the ability to sync reading lists between desktop and mobile devices provides convenience and flexibility. The app's easy navigation, search functions, and user-friendly interface make it appealing to a wide audience. Click here to download this captivating webtoon app.

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File size: 18.79 M Latest Version: 2023.11.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 66 Package ID: com.lezhin.comics


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  • It's Great, there is one problem. The first episodes are free which is great. Also the 3 coins are to, but do I really have to get 150 coins just to buy a whole series. That's not a great deal to be precise. Put it lower, this issue can bring your company down due to the rip off of a deal. Just saying, overall this is actually a nice place to read for my Fujoshi mind.
    2023-12-14 04:05:57
  • I give this app 3 stars. Over everything, this is actually a very good app, it has very good comics. However, it was so hard for me to collect coins and read premium chapters now, since the previous update. The cost of the coins is actually a bit high for me to afford. The points are basically useless in my opinion. I wasn't able to read since the new update since you cant read chapters with other stories coins. The deadline of the coins are also so tight I cant even collect 3. No hating though.
    2023-12-14 01:34:39
  • Great books but update always take everything away money all but i do like lezin
    2023-12-13 21:42:41
  • I love this app, but lately some of the chapters are missing parts of the chapter. Well, its more like they aren't loading and it doesn't let me reload the pages that are not loading so im honestly missing a chunk of the chapter. It's so annoying. I even got off my wifi and started using my data but its still the same
    2023-12-11 17:33:41
  • Yo, I'm having trouble with the free coins thing. I follow the instructions, get the app, complete the steps, and then I never get my coins. This has happened with almost every game. I've filed reports on it in the app, but they keep denying me, and one even waited for the expiration date on the offer to pass so they can deny me it because time ran out. I just want to read the GLs, but I can't anything without coins! THATS ONLY TWELVE COMICS BY THE WAY and I can't even read them.
    2023-12-09 21:30:38
  • Honestly, this would be a good app for reading comics if not for those hard way of getting free coins. It's really hard to get free coins in here because you need to play games. I know they want to earn money, but they can also earn from playing ads right? I prefer and probably will very much willing to watch ads to get free coins rather than playing games because I think it takes less of your time and it's more easy to be honest. I hope you'll consider changing it. Thank you!
    2023-12-09 16:05:38
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