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Category: Travel Date:2023-12-06 15:30:01

Rating: 4.3 Tags: Weather

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FlightStats is a free, real-time flight status and airport tracking application for Android. Take control of your day-of-travel by downloading FlightStats: quickly access worldwide flight status by flight number, airport, or route; watch flights as they move across the world on our gorgeous flight tracker; share your flight right from the flight overview screen; scan essential information like departure/arrival times, delay indexes, gates, and weather; share current airport conditions like delays and weather; and check the flight timeline to get in-depth descriptions of all activities about your flight. FlightStats is a leader in global flight and airport information services, trusted by millions of travelers every day.

Features of this app:

- Real-time flight status and airport tracking: Users can quickly access the real-time status of flights by entering the flight number, airport, or route. This feature allows users to stay updated on flight information.

- Flight tracker: The app provides a flight tracker that visually shows the movement of flights around the world. This feature gives users a beautiful and interactive way to track flights.

- Easy sharing: Users can easily share their flight details directly from the flight overview screen. This feature allows users to share their travel plans with friends and family.

- Essential information: The app provides essential information such as departure/arrival times, delay indexes, gates, and weather conditions. Users can quickly scan this information to stay informed about their flight.

- Airport conditions: Users can check the current conditions of airports, including delays and weather. This feature helps users plan their travel better and stay prepared for any changes.

- Flight timeline: The app offers a flight timeline that provides an in-depth description of all activities related to a flight. Users can explore this timeline to get detailed information about their flight.


FlightStats is a user-friendly app that offers a range of features to make traveling easier and more convenient. With real-time flight status, airport tracking, and easy sharing, users can stay updated and share their travel plans effortlessly. The app also provides essential information about flights and airports, ensuring that users have all the information they need. The flight timeline feature adds value by providing detailed insights into a flight's activities. Overall, FlightStats is a reliable and comprehensive app for flight and airport information services.

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File size: 10.00 M Latest Version: 3.3.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 71 Package ID: com.conducivetech.android.traveler

Developer: LNRS Data Services Limited


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  • It was working properly for months until end of May 2019. It displays "Flight doesn't exist"! So, I had to uninstall! Such a pity!
    2024-01-10 04:11:11
  • Well... .my wife is traveling from Brazil right now... she took of about 3 hours ago but app says tracking will start after take off.... joke... google is more accurate... fix
    2024-01-08 19:46:37
  • Nice app. I work at the mumbai airport and this app really helpful. Please only one more information will be very useful that is the Bay of flight. Flight radar has the feature. Please
    2024-01-07 09:24:38
  • Needs an update, always worked well but now flights show just a black screen once you click on them.
    2024-01-03 03:18:36
  • The app doesnt open, an irange corcle whirls around like its loading but nothing happens. Have uninstalled and reinstalled but still not working
    2024-01-03 00:53:14
  • Informs me that the fight has landed when I fact it hasn't departed. Gets confused with time zones. Uninstalled as it's not reliable!
    2023-12-26 15:30:50
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