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Category: Tools Date:2023-12-04 14:41:01

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Introducing Evolution Wireless Digital Smart Assist - the ultimate tool for setting up and managing your Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital system. With this app, you can easily connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to quickly and efficiently set up your wireless system. Smart Assist takes care of automated setup, operation, and monitoring, making it like having an engineer in your pocket. In just 60 seconds, you'll have your system up and running, with reliable wireless connections automatically created. You'll also have access to a support hub with video tutorials and detailed manuals, firmware updates, and easy control of all system settings. Stay organized with easy frequency allocation and naming of wireless channels, and keep track of multiple systems with the option to color code and tag your hardware. Download Evolution Wireless Digital Smart Assist now to simplify and streamline your wireless audio setup.

Features of this App:

- Efficient setup and overview: Users can connect their smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth to set up and monitor their Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital system quickly and easily.

- Automated setup, operation, and monitoring: The SmartAssist feature provides an automated setup process, making it simple for users to get their wireless system up and running in just 60 seconds. It also includes features such as pairing and automated frequency allocation.

- Support hub: The app includes a support hub with video tutorials and detailed manuals to help users get started with their wireless system.

- Firmware updates: Users can stay current with firmware updates directly within the app, ensuring they have the latest features and improvements.

- Centralized control: Mobile access to all system settings eliminates the need for complicated menu navigation on every device. Users can easily adjust receivers and transmitters, allocate frequencies, name channels, mute, and check battery status with just a tap.

- Organized channel management: The app allows for easy frequency allocation and naming of all wireless channels, making it simple to keep systems organized even when using multiple channels simultaneously. The app also offers color-coding options to help identify and tag hardware.


With Evolution Wireless Digital SmartAssist, setting up and managing a Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital system is made simple and efficient. Users can easily connect their devices via Bluetooth, access all system settings, and automate setup processes. The app provides comprehensive support and keeps users up to date with firmware updates. Its user-friendly interface and organizational features make it a valuable tool for professionals and beginners alike. Click now to download the app and enhance your wireless system experience.

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File size: 122.96 M Latest Version: 2.1.1

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 76 Package ID: com.sennheiser.winapp

Developer: Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co KG


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  • Constantly crashes or refuse to load at all
    2024-01-10 20:02:06
  • New Unexplained Permissions Requested!
    2024-01-09 11:14:26
  • Doesn't support ew-dx
    2024-01-06 14:19:03
  • Not yer experience
    2024-01-05 07:05:18
  • Great App and Product. Simplifies overall use of Sennheiser Wireless microphone
    2024-01-02 02:24:49
  • My SKM doesn't update, searching message all the time. Tried Android and IoS
    2023-12-31 06:12:10
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