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Call Recorder - Auto Recording

Category: Tools Date:2023-12-04 14:40:01

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Introducing Automatic Call Recorder - a simple and smart auto telephone voice recorder for Android phones. With this app, you can easily record phone calls from both sides with clear voice, anytime. The app features auto recording for incoming and outgoing calls, clear HD quality recordings, the ability to enable or disable call recording, quick search for recordings, and a special list to record calls between specific numbers. You can also share and manage recordings, add important ones to favorites, backup to the cloud, and even use the app as a voice recorder for notes and memos. Download now and enjoy the convenience of recording your phone calls effortlessly. Follow us on Facebook for more updates and contact us via email for any inquiries.

Features of this App:

- Automatic Call Recording: The app automatically records incoming and outgoing calls on Android phones, such as Samsung S- S- S- Android Pie, and Android - The recordings are of clear HD quality.

- Special List: Users can add specific numbers to a special list and set the app to only record calls between these numbers.

- Share & Manage Recordings: Users can easily share recordings with others through social apps, delete or rename recordings, and get caller details from the recordings.

- Add Recordings to Favorites: Important phone call recordings can be added to favorites, making them easily accessible.

- Multiple Audio Formats & Source: The app supports various audio formats like AMR, WAV, AAC, and MP3 for recording. It can record auto, user's voice, and opponent's voice.

- Backup to The Cloud: The app automatically backs up the phone recordings to the cloud, ensuring they are saved securely.


Automatic Call Recorder is a comprehensive and user-friendly app for recording phone calls on Android devices. With its automatic recording feature, clear voice quality, and options to manage and share recordings, it provides a seamless experience for users. The ability to add numbers to a special list and backup recordings to the cloud adds to its usefulness. The app's simplicity, material design user interface, and low resource consumption make it a reliable choice for users who need a call recording solution. Click here to download the app.

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File size: 30.00 M Latest Version: 2.3.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 44 Package ID: call.recorder.automatic.acr

Developer: Call Recorder by Call Team

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  • Plain and simply awful. Does NOT record anything but your own voice, no matter if the call is outbound or inbound. Total waste of an app! Zero stars more appropriate! Response to developer's reply: I have attempted to use your app in multiple settings and conditions and the app will simply not record the other person's voice whatsoever, just mine. So this is something that annoyed me because this was the 4th app I have tried that does this and does not work. I subsequently downloaded Cube and that worked perfectly with minimal adjustments. You might want to look at how your app interfaces with Android and come up with some workarounds that work. Or it is never going to be of any interest to users. Thanks.
    2024-01-11 07:55:46
  • It actually works like I want it too. It records ALL incoming calls that I want recorded. And if I don't want a call recorded I can very easily turn the recording off with the touch of a button.. Thank you Call Recorder!! Thank you!! I've tried others and they didn't work. This one does.. Highly recommend if you are looking for an app to record your incoming calls..
    2024-01-08 12:33:08
  • It works on my Samsung A73. Beginning having problems. But after a few settings prompt by the developer, it works well. Sound quality from both parties is clear. It immediately goes to the recorded audio & can play immediately. Adverts pop-up did not hinder my playback. There is one with good reviews that I uninstall [ forget which one ] have many pop-ups. It disrupts my usage whenever I use it. Thumps up for this APP
    2024-01-08 07:45:38
  • In the beginning everything was clear in/out. Then after a software update your voice was loud and other side was very quiet and needed full volume to make them out, but your voice was very loud. Now even months later just dead silence and can't hear anything coming in/out and have tried all recording methods. They even have a message for Android 9 users that 3rd party recording apps don't work anymore. Last time I wanted to record call ended up using another device's voice recorder.
    2024-01-03 09:51:36
  • Works the way I would expect too. The floating controls with the "top bar" is a bit much, maybe consolidate everything to one place? But the app works perfect, thanks. The aim is to make a call and receive a call and it just works and actions the recordings, and it does! But I don't want to see the call recorder everytime I am done with the call. I'll see the adds (and I know it's necessary) when I look up a recording. Just a suggestion. But thanks, awesome app
    2024-01-03 05:35:58
  • I wouldn't buy it yet. I bought the app and it worked fine with my contacts. then the changes came and it hasn't worked properly since. You get an option to have your contacts link with an option no to record. it doesn't work well. The recordings are fine for your voice but the internal callers voice is very faint. please let me know if you fix these bugs.
    2023-12-31 00:50:45
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