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Deplike is a powerful mobile application that allows you to transform your Android device into a complete electric and bass guitar amplifier kit. With Deplike, you can have all the essential tools you need to create amazing guitar tones right at your fingertips. The app features 12 electric, 2 bass, and 1 acoustic guitar amp and cabinet simulations, as well as 21 guitar effects pedals. It offers a plug-and-play experience and low latency, ensuring a seamless and professional sound. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned guitarist, Deplike is the perfect companion for practicing, recording, or performing on the go. Download now and unlock the full potential of your guitar!

Features of Deplike:

- Studio Guitar Setup: Deplike allows you to enjoy a full studio guitar setup from your phone and tablet. You can install Deplike and get your dream pedalboard, amps, and cabinets in your pocket.

- Wide Range of Amps and Cabinets: Deplike offers 12 electric, 2 bass, and 1 acoustic guitar amps and cabinets. It provides 15 great-sounding amp simulations with low latency, including popular models like Tangerine Rocker - SLO- Dual Recto, JCM- and more.

- Guitar Effects Pedals: Deplike includes 21 guitar effects pedals such as Classic Overdrive, MetalHead Distortion, Tremolo, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, and more. These pedals allow you to customize your guitar tone and experiment with different sounds.

- Easy to Use: Deplike provides an easy-to-use plug-and-play experience. You can connect your guitar to your mobile device and start using guitar effects pedals, real tube amps, and cabinets directly from your phone or tablet.

- Additional Features: Deplike offers additional features like guitar tuning, backing tracks, and preset sharing. It also provides preset settings that sound great on every guitar, making it easier for users to find the perfect tone.

- Demo Videos and Support: Deplike provides demo videos on its YouTube channel to showcase the capabilities of Deplike Guitar FX. It also offers customer support through email for any questions or concerns.


Deplike is a versatile mobile application that transforms your Android device into a complete guitar amplifier kit. With a wide range of amps, cabinets, and guitar effects pedals, it offers guitarists the flexibility to create their desired sound. The app is user-friendly, allowing easy plug-and-play connectivity with guitars. Additional features like guitar tuning, backing tracks, and preset sharing enhance the overall experience. With demo videos and customer support, Deplike ensures that users have the necessary resources to make the most of the app. Whether you're a professional musician or an aspiring guitarist, Deplike is a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional guitar amplifiers.

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File size: 96.68 M Latest Version:

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 34 Package ID: com.deplike.andrig

Developer: Deplike YAZILIM Muh Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd Sirketi

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  • Deplike is a great app packed everything for smartphone and tablets, which makes is compact and very light. This is actually made for Guitar but also one can use for violin. And ofcourse this app is very well working for Theremin, which is the rarest and unique musical instruments in the world. Recommending this for Theremin players. Thank you Deplike.
    2024-01-14 08:09:02
  • It responds very well! Very minimal delay of the sound. The variety of amps and pedals is nice. It's really worth it if you pay the price. Even when I use a fake irig it works very well along w/ my headphones. With the correct adjustments, feedback can be avoided.
    2024-01-14 07:37:54
  • Nice app generally but... Some of the effects are really bad nearly unusable. The reverb is the worst. The amps and such are ok, but the effects are not relative to the price of the app. Please work on these (mostly the reverb). Thank you.
    2024-01-13 20:27:10
  • Hi guys... No luck on a Note 9 here and also tried it on LG G5. Initially bought a generic cheap sound adapter and OTG cable per you tube videos, but can never get any sound into headphones or external speaker, just hissing. Then bought a Soundbkaster Play 3, that also didnt work. Both adapters play music fine when outside of your app. Checked my acoustic/electric cables on a real amp and works fine. Which leads me to the question whether this app specifically has a hard time with acoustic/electrics as every video I've seen has only electric guitars? Cant see any other reason unless you have some more advice.
    2024-01-13 09:23:59
  • The app looks nice but it won't work for me. I'm using a Real Tone cable. Input looks OK but the issue is that the output is set to USB (which has no speakers). If there were a "select output device" option I could set it to "phone speaker" but unfortunately there's not.
    2024-01-11 16:54:22
  • Not opening the app continuously loading
    2024-01-09 21:57:43
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