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Category: Productivity Date:2023-12-04 14:24:01

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Newploy Manager is a powerful app designed for managers, while Newploy is geared towards employees. With over 160,000 workplaces already using Newploy, it is clear why this app is so popular. Managers can send and receive real-time mobile notifications about work schedules, even when they are not in the workplace. The app also features the patented Albam system, which prevents fake attendance. Employees have the option to choose from three different methods of commuting verification. With Newploy, work schedule management becomes easy, allowing users to create and edit schedules in real-time. The app also enables managers to register and manage multiple workplaces simultaneously. Exporting work records in Excel format and automating payroll processes are additional features. To get started, managers can download Newploy Manager and follow the basic procedures, while employees can access the app to start commuting checks. Download the app now to experience the convenience and efficiency it offers.

Features of this app:

- Real-time mobile notifications about the work schedule: Managers can send and receive real-time mobile notifications about the work schedule. This allows them to stay updated on the commuting status of employees even when they are not in the workplace.

- Prevent fake attendance with Albam Patent: The app offers three options to prevent fake attendance - Albam Beacon free rental, designated wifi check-in, and Bluetooth check-in. These options ensure that employees can only commute to their smartphones within the actual workplace.

- Easy work schedule management: Users can create or edit work schedules in real-time. This feature makes it convenient for managers to keep track of work schedules and make changes as needed.

- Register and manage multiple workplaces: The app allows users to register and manage multiple workplaces at the same time. Whether operating multiple workplaces or managing domestic and overseas business sites collectively at the head office, users can easily access the current status of all employees.

- Web administrator and export work records: The app offers a web administrator feature that allows users to export work records in Excel format. Employeemanagement is available on both the app and the PC, and various work/salary reports can be downloaded to Excel or sent via email.

- Automated payroll system: The app includes an automated payroll system, which will soon be rolled out in the global version. This feature simplifies the process of managing payroll for employees.


NewployManager and Newploy are user-friendly apps designed for managers and employees respectively. With features like real-time mobile notifications, prevention of fake attendance, easy work schedule management, and the ability to register and manage multiple workplaces, these apps offer convenience and efficiency in workplace management. The inclusion of an automated payroll system further adds to the overall value of the apps. Whether you are a manager or an employee, these apps can streamline your work processes and improve productivity. Click the link to download the app and start managing your workplace more effectively.

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File size: 47.01 M Latest Version: 5.0.09004

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 66 Package ID: com.sidea.albamowner

Developer: Newploy Co. Ltd.


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