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Category: Lifestyle Date:2023-12-04 13:39:01

Rating: 4.5 Tags: Travel

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Introducing CityBus, the smart app for online tracking public transport in Lviv. With CityBus, you can easily track the location of buses in real-time, thanks to GPS data. Please note that the app relies on an external source for GPS data, so cooperation is not always guaranteed. Despite occasional delays in data updates, CityBus provides you with actual information about bus positions. The app features various functionalities, including CityBus filters that eliminate irrelevant data, the ability to save favorite routes, a smart view that shows all vehicles equipped with GPS trackers, and a route search feature. With CityBus, you can optimize your travel by accessing all the necessary information, such as speed and heading visualization. The app also allows you to identify different routes based on their color markers. Download CityBus now for a seamless and convenient public transport experience in Lviv.

Features of this app:

- Main app function is to track public transport in Lviv.

- CityBus filters data to only show actual information, excluding unnecessary data.

- Favourites feature allows users to save and easily access their favorite routes.

- Smartview feature displays all vehicles equipped with GPS-trackers on the map, not just selected routes.

- Routes search feature allows users to search for routes by choosing two points on the map and displaying suitable vehicles.

- Real-time transition feature provides updated information about the coordinates, speed, and heading of vehicles.


This app, called CityBus, is a smart and convenient tool for tracking public transport in Lviv. Its main function relies on an external source of GPS data, but the cooperation between the source and the app is not guaranteed. The app provides actual information by filtering data and excluding things that are not present. Users can save their favorite routes, apply filters to find suitable vehicles, and view all GPS-equipped vehicles on the map. The app also provides real-time updates about the location, speed, and heading of vehicles, allowing users to accurately track their movements. Overall, CityBus offers an easy-to-use interface and useful features for optimizing public transport tracking in Lviv.

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File size: 8.60 M Latest Version: 3.4.6

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 53 Package ID: ua.in.citybus.lviv

Developer: d.u.a.l

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  • Найкращий додаток для публічного транспорту в Україні! Коли Київ??
    2023-12-09 04:57:20
  • Good app!
    2023-12-09 03:33:15
  • Класний, новий додаток, але через номер маршруту в кружечках-не зрозуміло в яку сторону він їде, краще б стандартно стрілочками показали. Погано показує, коли маршрутка відїжджає від львова(в винниках вже нічого нема) , і хоч міжміські маршутки є в додатку, їх чомусь не показує взагалв
    2023-12-08 22:15:57
  • Чудова програма, раджу для львів'ян.
    2023-12-08 18:24:31
  • Класна програма, раз користувався і все працювало, як потрібно: просто, доступно, інформативно. Розробнику/кам - Дякую. Видно стараються зробити продукт на совість, таке враження.
    2023-12-08 07:45:07
  • Базові функції з метровими тараканами
    2023-12-07 01:21:48
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