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Category: Other Date:2023-12-04 11:52:01

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Introducing Radio India, a one-stop app for all your radio needs. With All India Radio - Radio India App, you can enjoy live news, regional radios, online FM stations, and podcasts in various languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. Our user-friendly app features a sleep timer, wake-up radio alarm, instant search option, and top podcasts from around the world. You can also control the app with Bluetooth and download your favorite podcasts. Explore radio stations from all over the world and add your favorites to the favorites tab. Change your favorite radio station from the notification and even listen to Chromecast Radio online. Download Radio India now and enjoy endless hours of entertainment. Note: Our app is not responsible for broadcasting or re-broadcasting any of the radios available.

Features of this App:

- All India Radio Live: The app provides access to All India Radio's live news, regional radios, FM stations, and podcasts in various languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and more.

- Sleep Timer: Users can set a sleep timer to automatically turn off the radio after a specific period of time, allowing them to fall asleep while listening.

- Wake-Up Radio Alarm: The app includes a feature to set a wake-up alarm with their favorite radio station, allowing users to wake up to their preferred tunes.

- Quick Search Option: Users can easily search for specific stations or podcasts using the instant/quick search option, making it convenient to find desired content.

- Podcast Download Option: The app allows users to download their favorite podcasts, including daily talks, news, and jokes, from around the world. This feature enables offline listening and saves data.

- Favorite Stations: Users can add their favorite stations to the favorites tab, making it easy to access them whenever they want. Additionally, they can change their favorite radio station from the notification panel.


All India Radio - Radio India App offers a user-friendly experience for accessing live news, online FM stations, regional radios, and podcasts from various languages. With features such as sleep timer, wake-up alarm, quick search, podcast downloads, and the ability to add favorite stations, this app provides convenience and a wide range of content options. Whether users want to listen to their preferred language radios or explore podcasts from around the world, this app offers a comprehensive collection. Click below to download and start enjoying the vast selection of radio stations and podcasts available.

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File size: 10.29 M Latest Version: 2.3

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 32 Package ID: com.allindiaradio.akashvani.airnews

Developer: Radio world

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  • We can hear all regional specific language audios, dramas... Its wonderful experience
    2024-01-10 12:35:49
  • I am old listerner of AIR Pune, and yes AIR is gold for me. Love to hear it when ever time permits.
    2024-01-10 03:48:26
  • amazing service even i can listen you when I travel abroad
    2024-01-08 21:20:50
  • Very nice app with all the All India radio stations n many of the popular Indian Pvt FM stations. I am regularly using it. suggestions for improvement : 1. If there is text below mentioning details of the song like singer, lyricist, music director etc. 2. Auto volume adjustment - each station has different volume levels
    2024-01-08 20:44:16
  • Good clarity and lot of options
    2024-01-06 06:04:01
  • Wonderful app on playstore Since a long time I am looking for this type of application that can givr me all the best radio experience. And as I found this app that is launched in 2020 is finally complete my discovery. It is really a very superb application that gives you Experience of all type of songs in hundreds of radio stations. The best thing is you can select the radios that you really wants to listen. From indian retro to pop, Old to new songs, punjabi to haryanavi songs, etc and alot.
    2024-01-04 17:46:07
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