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МТС Музыка: песни, подкасты

Category: Media & Video Date:2023-12-04 11:39:01

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MTS Music is a user-friendly music app that offers a one-month subscription to subscribers of any mobile operators. With over 65 million tracks, it provides new music for all users and includes a convenient music player, podcasts in Russian, background music, popular playlists and songs, and the ability to listen to music without the Internet. The app also offers personal mixes every day, where users can select their favorite genres, artists, or songs and the app will create a customized mix based on their preferences. With the option to listen offline, high-quality sound, popular podcasts, and the ability to import playlists from other services, MTS Music is the perfect app to enjoy music anytime, anywhere. Download now to access all the features and enjoy a wide range of music selections for every taste and mood.

Features of this App:

- 65 million tracks: The app provides access to a vast library of 65 million songs.

- New music for subscribers of any operators: Subscribers can discover new music regularly.

- Convenient music player: The app includes a user-friendly music player for seamless playback.

- Podcasts in Russian: Users can access a wide range of podcasts in Russian on various topics.

- Music without the Internet: Users can download their favorite songs and listen to them offline, even in areas with no internet connection.

- Personal mixes every day: The app automatically creates personalized mixes based on the user's favorite genres, artists, or songs.


With MTS Music, users can enjoy a wide range of features such as a vast music library, podcast access, offline listening, and personalized mixes. The app provides convenience and caters to the diverse musical preferences of its users. Whether it's discovering new music, enjoying podcasts, or listening offline, MTS Music offers a comprehensive music experience. Click here to download and enjoy the features of MTS Music now!

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More Information

File size: 85.83 M Latest Version: 9.20.0

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 40 Package ID: ru.mts.music.android

Developer: MTS Pjsc

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  • Каждый раз убиваю по часу, чтобы активировать подписку. Пишет "Что-то пошло не так"
    2024-01-14 23:51:19
  • После последнего обновления перестало открываться приложение. Мигает черный экран.
    2024-01-06 15:02:16
  • Ужаснейший понос. Без подписки МТС премиум даже треки послушать нельзя
    2024-01-05 16:22:44
  • Данные приложения хранились на сд карте. Поменял сд карту на новую. Песни сохранённые на старой карте не воспроизводятся, а их десятки. Приходиться каждую стирать из памяти и грузить заново
    2024-01-04 13:38:42
  • Мюзиклы и оперы представлены на уровне CD1, остальное содержимое отсутствует. Ищем способов вернуться на Сптф.
    2023-12-29 02:57:59
  • Неплохо пока
    2023-12-25 22:49:42
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