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SofaBaton smart remote

Category: Tools Date:2023-12-04 11:31:01

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Introducing SofaBaton Smart Remote App, your ultimate solution for setting up and configuring the physical SofaBaton remote. This user-friendly app utilizes Bluetooth technology to seamlessly communicate with the SofaBaton remote control, granting you access to a comprehensive database of IR codes for various home entertainment devices like TVs, SoundBars, and DVDs. With the ability to search online IR code databases or learn directly from original physical remotes, you can effortlessly set up your devices. Moreover, the app offers customizable functionalities such as assigning unique keys or creating macro key sequences for added convenience. Enjoy the ease and convenience of controlling your home entertainment devices with just one click. Download now!

Features of this App:

- Setup and Configuration: The app allows users to easily set up and configure the physical SofaBaton remote.

- Bluetooth Connectivity: The app uses Bluetooth signal to communicate with the SofaBaton remote control, ensuring a reliable connection.

- Full Database of IR Codes: Users have access to a comprehensive database of IR codes for various home entertainment devices like TVs, SoundBars, and DVD players.

- Setup Options: Devices can be set up either by searching the online IR code database or by learning from the original physical remotes.

- Customizable Functionality: The app offers customizable features, such as assigning unique keys to certain buttons on the SofaBaton remote or creating macro key sequences for convenience.

- Universal Search: Users can search the cloud-based database of Infrared devices by device brand or type for easy and quick setup.


The SofaBaton Smart Remote App provides a user-friendly and convenient way to set up and configure the physical SofaBaton remote. With its Bluetooth connectivity, users can easily access a full database of IR codes for various home entertainment devices. Customizable functionality and universal search options add to the app's appeal, allowing users to personalize their remote control experience. Overall, this app is a valuable tool for simplifying and enhancing the use of the SofaBaton remote. Click here to download.

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File size: 25.00 M Latest Version: 3.3.5

Requirements: Android Language: English

Votes: 30 Package ID: www.romateck.com.u1

Developer: ofaBaton.com

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  • App is buggy and unusable, I was not able to set up my remote and devices. The device database is incomplete, it did not have control codes for my Epson projector. Pretty frustrating to say the least. I will wait for the app to update, then try again. For now, it will sit on the shelf. Good thing my Harmony still works.
    2024-01-12 08:17:42
  • This is a well intended app, the only problem is must of the functionality is not working most of the time, they have problems with app communicating with database, this remote control depends pretty much on the app to keep adding new remotes or adding Makros, unfortunately this app is not reliable. Additionally I sent a model number of my receiver for them to add a code, but no fix.
    2024-01-10 12:45:46
  • Latest update fixed Android 14 issue. Works fine on Pixel 6.
    2024-01-07 04:39:55
  • Fixes the issues with Android 14. No complaints now. Does what it's supposed to do.
    2024-01-06 22:13:32
  • The company website said to consult the app for information about what devices their remote is compatible with. When I click on the part of the app to do that, it redirects me to this play store page and crashes. How hard can it be to either post a searchable list on a website or make an app that actually does something other than open and crash? Why would I trust an outfit that can't seem to do either to design and build a working remote?
    2024-01-06 04:54:53
  • Coming from Harmony over the years SofaBaton was a breeze to setup with multiple devices. The macros are simple to configure and the BT config transfer is fast. The app is not bloated and basic (the way it should be). Took me 15 min to figure out without any directions. Again coming from Harmony this was a no-brainer. (Model U1)
    2024-01-02 13:21:29
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